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Arizona—If there was ever an example of the Left’s terror over the un-covering of voter fraud, it can be found right now in Arizona. This is a story that falls under all the radar but one we want you to be looking for.

The state Arizona Senate announced at the end of March that they were commissioning a full audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County. This included an examination of all the voting machines, and a hand counting of 2.1 million ballots, verifying in person addresses and comparing that to voter rolls. If we ALL want to make double dog sure that Joe Biden won fair and square, then why would we ALL not support this effort?

A LOT OF PEOPLE do NOT support this and are working every angle to trash the Senate, the auditors, and the process. As part of this process, the auditors, would be going door to door to verify addresses and see if the people who lived there had voted.

“VOTER SUPPRESSION”, the Democrats scream.

Now we are finding that the Left-wing group opposing this audit has strong ties to Hillary Clinton, Obama, Soros and China.

Here are two stories at Gateway Pundit which outline all of the players:

“Steve Bannon of the WarRoom Pandemic podcast, Peter Navarro, who wrote an incredible three-part analysis explaining the 2020 election steal, The Navarro Report, and Mike Lindell, who co-produced and hosted two documentaries about the 2020 election steal, have all repeatedly stated ‘that if just one of these swing states fall, they’ll all fall like a house of cards.'”

So, to prevent ‘this house of cards from falling’ and any election tampering and fraud being exposed, the Democratic hit team blew into Arizona, a top Democrat-run nonprofit at the helm, with three law firms in tow to shut this thing in Arizona down.


If you live in Arizona, we urge you to contact the GOP state Senators and urge them to hold strong and not back down to the vast pressure being put on them by the Left. If you live anywhere else, contact them and tell them you are watching their actions and you expect them to stand their ground and follow through.

Here is one way to do that – contact Arizona legislators: https://www.azleg.gov/emailazleg/

Here is another: https://www.azleg.gov/findmylegislator/

We will give you updates as this story continues.

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