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Law enforcement including the Las Vegas Metro Police, the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association and the Washoe County Sheriff testified against AB376 saying, by tying the hands of law enforcement that our communities would be less safe. They expressed concerned that even in the case of terrorists law enforcement would be unable to communicate with Federal Law Enforcement harming public safety. Law enforcement raised significant concerns and clearly opposed AB376 confirming our concerns about AB376 creating a Sanctuary State for Illegal Aliens in Nevada..

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MESSAGE: Vote NO on AB376 which makes Nevada a Sanctuary State for illegal aliens. This law prohibits state and local law enforcement from cooperating in the enforcement of our laws on illegal immigration. It also creates a deceptively named “Task Force to Keep Nevada Working”. What about legal citizens of Nevada who are out of work who have lost their jobs and businesses during this emergency? 62% of households headed by illegal immigrants used one or more welfare programs. Nevada Taxpayers have to pick up the cost. Oppose AB376.

(Or better yet write your own message.) Explanation of AB376 below

Text of AB376: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/81st2021/Bills/AB/AB376.pdf
(New law is in blue)
Proposed Amendments in green: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/81st2021/Bills/Amendments/A_AB376_212.pdf

EXPLANATION OF AB376 has the deceptive name of “Keep Nevada Working Act”. It has nothing to do with Nevadans working, but is all about prohibiting law enforcement from enforcing immigration laws creating Nevada as a Sanctuary State. A state or local law enforcement agency SHALL NOT inquire into or collect information relating to the immigration or citizenship status of a person or the place of birth of the person…and SHALL NOT provide federal immigration authorities with…information. State or local law enforcement, before making an inquiry, “warn the person that any statement made about his or her immigration or citizenship status or place of birth may be shared with federal immigration authorities and possibly used in federal proceeding for deportation or removal of the person,” etc.
State or local law enforcement shall not detain a person solely for determining immigration status unless accompanied by a warrant which is based upon probable cause issued by a federal judge or magistrate because the person has committed a crime. State and local law enforcement SHALL NOT permit a federal immigration authority to interview a person about a noncriminal matter while the person is in custody.

Prohibits any agency to use funds, facilities, property, equipment or personnel to investigate, enforce, cooperate with or assist in the investigation or enforcement of any federal registration or program or any other law, rule or policy that targets people based on ..immigration status or citizenship.

AB376 sets up the “Keep Nevada Working Task Force” within the Office for New Americans (created last session to help illegal immigrants). The Task Force will be made up of illegal alien friendlies including: Immigrant advocacy groups, labor organizations, a legal interest of immigrants, faith based non-profit, an advocacy group which focuses on immigration and criminal justice, and others. The Task Force is to develop strategies with private sector business, labor organizations and immigrant advocacy groups to strengthen industries across the state, strengthening career pathways for illegals, improve the ability of this sate to attract and retain immigrant business owners. Your tax dollars at work.
The Preamble of the bill claims that “immigrants” make up 19 percent of the population accounting for one in every four workers. AB376 is in recognition of the significant contributions of immigrants (illegals) to the overall prosperity and strength of this State, creating a compelling interest in ensuring that this State remains a place where the rights and dignity of all residents (including illegal immigrants) are protected.

It says school & campus police “shall not inquire into or collect information concerning the immigration or citizenship status of a person; or place of birth of a person or provide information.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies 62% of households headed by illegal immigrants used one or more welfare programs…and there is a child present in 86% of illegal immigrant households using welfare, and this is the primary way that these household access programs.” http://cis.org/Welfare-Use-Legal-Illegal-Immigrant-Households
“FAIR estimates that the annual fiscal burden on Nevada taxpayers associated with illegal immigration to be about $630 million (in 2008). This equates to an annual average cost of about $763 per native-born headed household in the state. In addition, there is a cost to the state’s economy resulting from remittances sent abroad that amounted to $618 million in 2006. From 2004 to 2006 remittance flow increased 38%. Estimated taxes collected from the illegal alien population are about $216 million.”

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