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Bills that need your voice. Call and write our Legislators. Your Action Makes a Difference!

We are trying to make it easy for you to write to the legislature. At the bottom of this page is a list you can simply copy and paste into the TO section of your email and it will go to everyone in that list. Here are the bills that need your attention:


AB432 – Voter Registration – Automatic voter registration expansion. This gives the state power to expand voter registration to any or all state agencies for voter registration. The problem is that driver ID cards have the same numbering system as driver’s licenses by design. This opens up the system to non-citizens voting in our elections more than 2020. Please ask for a no vote on AB432.

AB422 – Voter Rolls – Wow something we can ask for a yes vote! AB422 calls for a top-down review of the voter database that is maintained by the State and Counties. This is the voter database where signatures can be verified. Please ask for a YES vote on AB422.

AB126 – Voter Registration – Calls for same day voter registration. Makes provisions for disaster regulations, which could shut down elections. Precinct meetings cannot be held until after the primary election results are in. Changes how party delegates are elected. This is a far reaching bill that infringes on our voting rights. Why the language change from Presidential Primary Election to Presidential Preference Primary Election? Same day voter registration is tantamount to same day voter fraud. Please ask for a no vote on AB126

AB 321 – Elections – Would make the provisions of AB 4 that was passed in the middle of the night permanent. This bad bill includes legal ballot harvesting and universal mail-in voting. This bill has six fiscal notes attached to it and would cost Nevada Taxpayers millions of dollars. Please write everyone to voice against AB321.

What you do today can change tomorrow.

Second Amendment

AB 286 – Firearms – Makes it a criminal offence to go on a property that doesn’t allow firearms. So if you rent and the landlord says no firearms in the building, your are now a criminal. If you go to a motel and leave your gun in the car you are still a criminal. Doesn’t matter if you have a CCW. This bill touts itself as a bill that bans ghost guns and makes the community safer. But the little stuff that they have added to it makes it a serious grab at your second amendment rights. Call our state legislators to vote against AB286.

  • NOTE: Because so many people have contacted their legislators AB286 was amended and the only portion left is that it will make anyone who owns a self-manufactured gun an instant criminal (the law would be retroactive, in violation of the Constitution). It may just be a few people who are affected but when it affects one of us, it will affect all of us. (WWG1WGA) Write and tell them you don’t want ANY infringement of the Second Amendment!

Sanctuary State

AB376 – Sanctuary State – Vote NO on AB376 which makes Nevada a Sanctuary State for illegal aliens. This law prohibits state and local law enforcement from cooperating in the enforcement of our laws on illegal immigration. It also creates a deceptively named “Task Force to Keep Nevada Working”. What about legal citizens of Nevada who are out of work who have lost their jobs and businesses during this pandemic? 62% of households headed by illegal immigrants uses one or more welfare programs. Nevada Taxpayers have to pick up the cost. Oppose AB376.

  • NOTE: Because so many have written to the legislatureabout AB376 the part that prohibits law enforcement from communicating with Federal agencies has been removed. This bill, still requires your attention to remove the other offending parts: providing free legal aid to “New Americans” a.k.a. ILLEGAL aliens.

Defund the Police / Reduce Police to bystanders / Safety for Criminals

SB236 – Emasculating Police Officers – This is another aspect of Defund the police (read this article to understand what this is about). Requiring law enforcement agencies to establish early warning systems to identify peace officers who display bias indicators or other problematic behavior; authorizing the Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission to adopt regulations relating to such early warning systems; revising the qualifications for certification as a peace officer by the Commission; imposing liability on peace officers who subject another person or cause another person to be subjected to the deprivation of certain constitutional rights; establishing provisions relating to the recording, collection and review of information concerning traffic stops and other stops made by law enforcement officers; imposing certain duties on the Department of Public Safety and law enforcement agencies regarding the recording, collection and review of such information; authorizing the Department to adopt regulations relating to the recording, collection and review of such information; requiring the Legislative Commission to appoint a committee to conduct an interim study relating to the establishment of crisis response call centers. Who would want to be a Cop this bill hanging over them. Please call for a no vote on SB236

AB157 – Emasculating Police Officers – This is another aspect of Defund the police (read this article to understand what this is about). Authorizing a person who is the victim of certain discriminatory conduct relating to an incident involving a peace officer to bring a civil action under certain circumstances. This could cost Nevada millions, if not billions. It would make our police ineffective and shrink our police forces. This is a bad bill that needs to go away. Please ask for a no vote on AB157

Attacks on Landlords

SB218 – Reducing Landlord Rights / killing rental market – Establishing and revising various definitions relating to property; prohibiting landlords from charging prospective tenants certain fees; making various changes relating to fees, fines, deposits and costs paid by tenants; requiring rental agreements to include a grace period for the late payment of rent; revising provisions relating to agents of attorneys who serve certain notices relating to evictions. This is another jab at landlords. Most owners are not rich. Owning a rental property is usually a breakeven position at best. This would kill the rental market. Please call for a no vote on SB218

AB308 – Another Attack on Landlords – revising provisions relating to late fees; revising certain definitions used in the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; revising provisions relating to notices of increases in rent. AB308 will make it impossible to own rental properties. Please ask for a no vote on AB308

AB161 – Landlords – Eliminating actions for summary eviction under certain circumstances; making various changes relating to actions for summary eviction. This could have disastrous results for the owner of the rental property. If a tenant is ripping copper pipes out of the walls to pay for meth. There is nothing the landlord can do about it All their investment in the property is gone. Please call for a no vote on AB161

AB141 – Landlords / eviction – Increasing the length of notice required before certain tenants may be evicted without cause; requiring the automatic sealing of records for evictions relating to defaults in the payment of rent that occurred during the COVID-19 emergency. Most landlords own property as a hedge against inflation. This would make owning a rental property not worth it and decrease the amount of rentals. Please call for a no vote on AB141

Destroying jobs / Minimum Wage hikes

AJR 10 – Minimum Wage – Would mend the Nevada Constitution to increase the minimum wage paid to employees. This bill looks to increase the minimum wage to $12 per hour regardless of benefits included and it also states that if the federal minimum wage ever increases over $12 then federal wage would take priority over state wage. This joint resolution will take effect on July 1st, 2024.


AB148 – Mining – Prohibits those in debt from mining. This looks like an attack on small mining groups from the big mining corporations. Please ask for a no vote on AB148.

Giving Big Tech autonomous Zones

BDR11099 – Tax-Free BIG TECH Private Governments inside Nevada – Governor Sisolak’s innovation zone bill. This is where big tech can create their own counties and cities without paying taxes into the existing county or city systems. This would rob the rural counties of much needed income. Please tell the Governor no and stop BDR11099

Forcing Health Insurance Companies to pay for Sex-Changes

SB139 – Requiring Health Insurance to pay for Sex Change operations – requiring certain health insurance to include coverage for the treatment of conditions relating to gender dysphoria. Please ask for a No vote on SB139 as most people regret it afterwards.

Spending Federal Funds

SCR5 – Federal Funds Disbursement – Is an equity bill that distributes federal funds equitably based upon the 39 percentages of members of the BIPOC communities. This bill is so poorly written that you have to read the text. Please ask for a no vote on SCR5

Nevada Legislature and relevant email addresses

You can mass email them all at once by copying and pasting the following (in it’s entirety) in the recipient section of your email.

Alida Benson [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Jim Hindle [email protected], Michael W. Morrissey [email protected], Monica Jaye [email protected], Rachel Dahl [email protected], Linda Thompson [email protected], Jessica Hanson [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Sylvia DeHart [email protected], Senator Ben Kieckhefer [email protected], Senator Carrie A. Buck [email protected], Senator Chris Brooks [email protected], Senator Dallas Harris [email protected], Senator Dina Neal [email protected], Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert [email protected], Senator Ira Hansen [email protected], Senator James A. Settelmeyer [email protected], Senator James Ohrenschall [email protected], Senator Joseph (Joe) P. Hardy [email protected], Senator Julia Ratti [email protected], Senator Keith F. Pickard [email protected], Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop [email protected], Senator Melanie Scheible [email protected], Senator Moises (Mo) Denis [email protected], Senator Nicole J. Cannizzaro [email protected], Senator Pat Spearman [email protected], Senator Pete Goicoechea [email protected], Senator Roberta Lange [email protected], Senator Scott Hammond [email protected]

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