Carson City School Superintendent Candidates

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Carson City School Superintendent Candidates

Please be present in person or send your comments to [email protected] to be on the record. Time for Carson City parents. grandparents and concerned residents to show who is in charge of the Carson City School education.  YOU.  The parents.  

Over the last 14 years, the Superintendent and the School Board have governed the deterioration of student proficiency in reading, writing and math, low teacher morale, annual budget deficits and staff hiring issues.  What has been the response from the School District? Superintendent Stokes says that the Board should hire an internal candidate even if they do not have current Superintendent experience because they will learn on the job just as Mr Stokes did over his tenure.  Your children should not be sacrificed to satisfy the ego of a few.  Some community feedback was preserve the Stokes legacy.  Really?

Just some examples.

§  “Equity” (not “Equality”) is creeping into instructional materials while the School Superintendent and School Board Trustees affirm that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not taught in this District.  

§  Transgenderism is taught from grade 6 upwards which was approved by the Family Life Committee of the School District without approval by the School Board – a violation of NRS and Bylaws.

§  Pre-K through K-12 federal grants indoctrinating children towards Marxism concepts and rejecting the child’s own family values.

§  School District Administrators think they know better than parents but they will do more community involvement because of continued public comments in School Board meetings over the last 10 months.  This is exactly what you would expect politicians would do to preserve their power.  One last attempt!!

Time for a change, bring best practices from highly producing school districts, redesign curriculum and teaching practices for optimal results Carson City School District. 

For our children, be there and speak up. Power in numbers.  ONE candidate, Dr.  Godlhardt is way ahead as an experienced Superintendent and community feedback.  The School Board should vote what is obvious in front of their face instead of promoting internal candidates to preserve the status quo.
Thank you.

Community Feedback results:

Table 1 Below

Dr. J Goldhardt is at 28% Favorable which is 8 points higher than T Fuson.  T Fuson is 2 points ahead of AJ Feuling.

Summary of all Respondents
Favorable%Unfavorable%Undecided%Total Respondents
AJ Feuling3118%1311%113%45
Dr J Goldhardt4928%76%0%56
Dr J Ward3017%2118%113%52
Dr M Kogon116%3026%225%43
T Fuson3420%2017%113%55
Dr Guiterrez1911%2522%338%47
Highest # is bestLowest # is bestLowest # is best

Table 2 Below

Of the people who commented for Dr. Goldhardt, 88% favorable and 13% unfavorable. 7 times as many people voted for him.Of the people who commented for AJ Feuline, 69% favorable and 29% unfavorable.  2.3 times more people voted for himOf the people who commented for T Fuson, 62% favorable and 36% unfavorable.  1.7 times more people voted for her.  Less spread means people on both sides of the fence.

 FavorableUnFavorableUndecidedTotalFav vs Un favRank by Fav vs UnFav
AJ Feuling3113145 
%69%29%2%100%40 pts2
Dr J Goldhardt49756 
%88%13% 100%75 pts1
Dr J Ward3021152 
%58%40%2%100%18 pts4
Dr M Kogon1130243 
%26%70%5%100%-44 pts6
T Fuson3420155 
%62%36%2%100%26 pts3
Dr Guiterrez1925347 
%40%53%6%100%13 pts5

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