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Below, you’ll read that the jab is “voluntary” but they are circumventing it by bullying you and intimidating you into it by threatening to take away your rights, to breach your work contract, and much more. It works if you give in to it and you VOLUNTARILY go and get the Jab. No matter your situation, read on!


A. Where in your contract does it specify that your employer is able to dictate health decisions to you?

B. Is firing you for failing to follow their “health” edicts valid grounds or is it wrongful termination?


(You might want to review the JAB: WARNINGS section near the bottom of this post before continuing)

Besides WARPSPEED clinical trial methods, lack of relevant and necessary data, efficacy and safety concerns, the prospective recipient might also want to inquire into the following matters.

1. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, did you also consent to the broad liability immunity given by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to all those who produce, distribute, administer, and inject the vaccine into the voluntary recipients?

2. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, are your rights that are secured by the 7th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution being waived, adversely impacted or abrogated?

3. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, would you waive your right to a common law form of action in the State and/or Federal Courts?

4. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, would the recipient waive the right to pursue a legal action for breach of contract or other contract default rules?

5. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, would you waive your 7th Amendment Right to trial by jury of your peers?

6. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, would your unenumerated rights that are secured by the 9th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution being waived, adversely impacted or abrogated?

7. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, would the vaccine recipient waive the protection of liberties that are secured by the separation of powers doctrine, including, but not limited to the powers reserved by the 10th Amendment?

8. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, does the recipient also consent to an exclusive and special administrative proceedings under the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program (CICP) or special master proceeding the U.S. Court of Claims in the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. for any serious vaccine injury or death under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)?

9. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, is the vaccine recipient required to prove a direct or exclusive nexus from the injury to the vaccine, including any very expensive and admissible clinical testing?

10. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, who makes the final decision whether compensation will be provided to a party injured by a covered vaccine and is that final decision appealable?

11. By signing the Vaccine onsent Form, what is the maximum amount that can be awarded to an injured party or the party’s family, parent(s), guardian or legal representatives?

12. By signing the Vaccine Consent Form, will the relevant and exclusive federal injury claim program pay the claimant’s attorney fees and other legal costs?

13. Are you willing to pledge and waive your fundamental liberties and rights for such a government provided benefit or gratuity?

14. When considering giving consent to the vaccine benefit or gratuity offering, does it appear that the conditions being imposed violate the letter and spirit of the ordained U.S. Constitutionand/or the Constitutionof the State?

15. When a manufacturer changes the DNA of a plant or other living being, can that manufacturer then patent that new “creation” and claim ownership over it? Did the pharmaceutical companies and/or US Government gain ownership over those who volunteer? What does the US Constitution, Amendment XIII say about VOLUNTARY servitude?

Being circumspect is required in an emergency where fundamental liberties and rights have been suspended or utterly abrogated under pretext of Emergency Powers.

Try to answer the questions above. You’ll find the excercise most enlightening.

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Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 300aa-26 entitled “Vaccine Information”, all recipients must be given a Vaccine Information FACT SHEET (VIS) prior to receiving the injection. Adequate information must be given to prospective vaccine recipients to make an INFORMED AND VOLUNTARY DECISION. Is the document you are being provided complete? Is all the information required to be there present or is it a partial list?

Please review the FACT SHEET very carefully. Using the current August 12, 2021, Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 fact sheet as an example, it informs the prospective recipient that “IT IS YOUR CHOICE to receive the BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.” Please be aware that VACCINES ARE NOT MANDATORY. The fact sheet also states that “the Pfizer BioNTech WILL NOT PROTECT EVERYONE”. Once the consent form is signed, the exclusive Federal Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) is the ONLY REMEDY AFFORDED at this time to the vaccine recipient for serious injuries directly attributable to the emergency countermeasure vaccine.

After receiving the “Vaccine Information Fact Sheet” (VIS), and having the opportunity to ask questions to obtain good and sufficient information, the prospective recipient must sign an “Informed” and “VOLUNTARY” vaccine “Consent Form”. It must be kept as a part of your permanent medical records. Be aware that the Vaccine Information Fact Sheet (VIS) and the signed Consent Form are legal documents. The vaccine recipient should obtain a copy of the fact sheet and the signed consent form for their own personal records and keep them safe.

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