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Ruling that the Biden administration exceeded its constitutional authority, a federal judge in Georgia on Tuesday blocked the president’s remaining COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses, which requires that millions of employees of federal contractors be inoculated.

Republican South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, who joined the lawsuit, said in a statement, “Abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped cold again.”

Reuters reported U.S. District Judge Stan Baker in Savannah argued Congress did not clearly authorize Biden to impose a requirement that will have “vast economic and political significance.”

World Net Daily – Federal Judge blocks Biden’s last remaining vaccine mandate – December 7, 2021 – read full article

The Court’s decision (mentioned in the article above) can be downloaded here.

In other words, there is currently no mandate anynmore (see this analysis). Read the decisions of the cases and you’ll see that the judges believe these mandates are unconstitutional. In any case, they violate the Nuremberg Code (it’s still Experimental Gene Therapy and the so called jab that the FDA approved is NOT AVAILABLE), they violate the laws against coercion – coercion is a FELONY. Remember, coerced consent is RAPE.

If you want to learn more about the scathing remarks regarding the mandate by the judge in the case of the mandate for health care workers, please click here.

Now, the Senate is poised to pass a resolution to nullify the Resident’s “mandate” Read more about this here

In our opinion, Brandon’s statements weren’t a mandate, they were tough words uttered without the force of law – if you’ve ever played Simon Says and you understand that the so-called head of the Executive can’t legislate, you know that those were “I said” statements not “Simon Says” statements.

The Resident has no clothes!

Resources for Employees who are still facing employer mandates:

In our estimation (and that of many others) employers who mandate that employees get harpooned expose themselves to great liability – see our “Tools to eliminate Va*xes & Masks” for more information.

Sometimes it’s useful to consider the unthinkable to come up with a good defense. In this case, you might consider caving to your employer’s mandate for this purpose. This page will help you clarify those questions. We are sure that the questions on this same page will help you draft a response to your employer that would have them think twice about attempting to violate your rights. Often times, questions are more powerful than statements …

DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this page may be construed as legal advice. We offer thoughts for your consideration. What you do with them, is your business. You also agree and represent that your are an adult capable of making your own decisions and capable of assuming responsibility for your own actions.

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