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Dr. David Martin: Not novel, No pandemic, No variants…Campaign of Coercion & Terror!

Dr. David Martin who has worked on keeping track of technology over the last several decades and watches patents on an ongoing basis shows us through patents (what they were about, when they were filed) how there is massive corruption and conspiracy to defraud the public but more importantly, how the so-called novel Corona Virus “vaccine” (SARS COVID 2) was in fact patented BEFORE the patent for the disease was filed (more than 12 years ago)! Please explain this!!!

In other words, it’s not NOVEL at all and in our opinion has all the earmarks of a planned operation against the world’s populations at large most probably as a means of totalitarian take-over of the world at large and the conversion of the free people’s of this planet to that of slaves. (Think I am a bit heavy handed? Slaves rights are repressed. Everything we are seeing is about trampling on the rights of people. I say trampling because rights cannot be taken away since they come from God.)

The video below shows the interview of Dr. Martin where he painstakingly goes through every detail – this is well worth your time listening to. Here is a link to a radio show where the video below is discussed by Doug Billings (host) and Ann Vandersteel.

If this is in fact the case, then the so-called “vaccines” and the push to get everyone jabbed start will be seen in an entirely different light. We leave it to you to watch / listen to this excellent video and come up with your own conclusions.

If the above video disappears, please let us know.

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