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Dr. Martin, who has been tracking medical patents since the 1990s found that COVID-19 is NOT a new or novel coronavirus. It was in fact first patented in 1999. In otherwords, the “pandemic” was planned and contrived in order to inject people with a bioweapon. He explains how this was done, who the perpetrators are and most importantly what laws were violated. They include 5 felonies that carry penalties of 99 years for each violation as well as a number of civil violations. These are crimes against humanity. Not a single congresscritter has acted on this information and none of the District Attorneys around the country has done his / her job. It’s now up to us to make sure that the criminals involved in these acts of terrorism against the American People and the People around the world are brought to Justice. https://www.freenfair.us/dr-covid-not-novel-but-planned/

Please watch the video below. Take notes and start writing to your misrepresentatives in Congress (both House and Senate), your DAs, your State Senate and Assembly Representatives. Bring this to the attention of School Boards, Health Boards, OSHA and more. What’s happened over the last 22+ months are crimes and anyone who furthers those crimes is an accessory.

Please share your letters with us (you are welcome to redact your name & address) so that others can be inspired. Also, please share this video with others.

Another word for coerced consent is RAPE

Dr. David Martin – 2021


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