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Over the last few months many trends of corruption have come to light and voting has stood out as a major one, if you’re paying attention.

Many disregard the fact that voter fraud exists, yet there are countless examples of fraud nationwide. Visual datasets paint the picture of irregularities and statistically impossible results. Think not? Here are some examples. Decide for yourself.

We the people should have come down into the streets of every city in America because of not only all of the irregularities and fraud that took place but also because of the fact that legislatures were BYPASSED and new rules put in place that were very clearly unconstitutional — see this video (note: if you see that Youtube removed this or another video on this site (no image / black or gray rectangle), please let us know by clicking here):

When the election was stolen in Serbia in 2000, the majority of the population took to the streets and the problem was quickly solved – watch video on this page: https://www.freenfair.us/serbians-warning-to-americans-what-happened-when-their-elections-were-stolen-in-2000/. It’s past time to stop being polite and mealy-mouthed Say it like it is. This election has absolutely NO validity It’s a coup. We are the frogs in the proverbial pot and the water is starting to get too hot to get out.

Now that the other side has provided such a good example, we can use NOT MY PRESIDENT and RESIST and we can come up with some additional ideas of our own that might be more effective.

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