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We cannot expect to enforce our rights or even the continuation of our great Republic if we are ignorant of the full meaning of what’s in the Constitution for the United States of America. Here are some resources to help you along your path to learning. NOTE: The videos below are very interesting and filled with live examples – it’s not just theory. You’ll probably want to listen to them more than once to get the full impact.

The video / audio series appears every Tuesday and his Hosted by Patriot Street Fighters / Scott McKay with Douglas V. Gibbs as guest. It is our understanding that these videos are available as follows – search for “Douglas V. Gibbs”:

Rumble (PRIMARY) https://rumble.com/c/PatriotStreetfighter

Brighteon https://www.brighteon.com/channels/samckay

Bitchute https://bit.ly/bitchutethetippingpointradio

We believe the video shown directly below is the first in the series. We’ll post the first few videos below but for more information and to read the full text that accompanies these videos, please go to the associated Rumble pages. Here’s the first.

Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host, Author, Public Speaker, and outspoken proponent for the spread of constitutional literacy and patriotic advocacy. As President of the Constitution Association, fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, a Sentinel for the Heritage Foundation, and an Instructor on the United States Constitution, his activism has led to television appearances (including Fox News), as well as interviews on various smaller television and radio outlets. Doug is an award winning blogger and free lance newspaper columnist whose articles appear in both print, and online. Doug is a family man, married 36 years to his high school sweetheart, the father of two and has seven grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran.

Episode 1

Class Hand-outs: http://www.douglasvgibbs.com/class-handouts

Episode 2

We have searched for Episode 2 and haven’t found it. Please let us know if you find it.

Many thanks.

Episode 3

Class Hand-outs: http://www.douglasvgibbs.com/class-handouts

Episode 4

Class Hand-outs: http://www.douglasvgibbs.com/class-handouts

Episode 5

(The part where Douglas V. Gibbs starts with his class starts at 11 min 15 secs.)

Look for future classes by going to the links provided above the videos on this page or by going to https://scottmckay.us

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