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On July 19, 2021, America’s Front Line Doctors filed a sixty five page Motion for Preliminary Injuction to stop the FDA from continuing to authorize the use of the Experimental Gene Therapy (a.k.a. jab, a.k.a. vaccine) under emergency rules. There are a whole number of reasons for this, not the least of which is the 45,000 people dying within three days of the second injection – up until now!

  • There is No Emergency
  • There is in Fact no Serious or Life-Threatening Disease or Condition
  • The Vaccines Do Not Diagnose, Treat or Prevent SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19
  • The Known and Potential Risks of the Vaccines Outweigh their Known and Potential Benefits
  • There Are Adequate, Approved and Available Alternatives to the Vaccines
  • Healthcare Professionals and Vaccine Candidates are Not Adequately Informed
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Adverse Events
  • The Under-18 Age Category
  • Those Previously Infected with SARS-C0V-2
  • Whistleblower Testimony: 45,000 Deaths Caused by the Vaccines
  • Irreparable Injury

We invite you to read the Motion for Preliminary Injunction to really understand the depth of the problem. Note: Sixty seven pages is a long document to read but you can go to page 2 of the Motion and pick an item that interests you and read only those few paragraphs. If your eyes glaze over because of the legal-speak, just ignore the legal references and continue reading – you’ll surprise yourself. The more you read legal documents the easier it gets!

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