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There is no such thing as a Va*x for the Wuhan Virus. They call it that but it doesn’t fit the definition by any stretch of the imagination. A Va*x is supposed to give you immunity by exposing you to the actual virus. The Va*x does not. In fact, just look at how many people who have received the Va*x are getting sick.

The so-called Va*x is actually modifying your DNA. That clearly makes anyone who has volunteered for the va*x a Genetically Modified Organism. That’s not a desirable outcome. Especially from a legal standpoint. Does this now mean that you are owned? Does it mean that you are no longer purely human? How does that affect your rights?

Would you please help us get the point across? Download the image below and post it on Social Media and forward as appropriate! (Just right-click on the image below and then click save image)

PRINT BUMPER STICKER? Click here to download high-resolution print-ready PDF (2.5 MB).

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