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People in political office / government can’t force you to take an experimental shot, so they are relying on the private sector to be their enforcers. Because people rely on their jobs for their livelihoods, it gives employers leverage. Government is pressuring them to pressure you.

We have leverage too. It’s called being informed and refusing to be intimidated.

Experimental shots (like any experimental / non-approved treatment) is normally excluded from coverage under most health insurance and life insurance plans.

In other words, if you have an adverse reaction and you are hospitalized for months, the insurance company will likely invalidate your claim for payment based upon the fact that you chose to engage with an experimental treatment. The same goes for life insurance. After all, it was you who volunteered!

If you die from an experimental shot, they’ll treat it no differently than suicide.

Have you thought about who would be responsible and who will pay you if you are disabled for life? Who pays your salary if you can’t work? Some people have been severely disabled and so far, it looks to be permanent. Let’s hope there will be some advanced cures, treatments and antidotes released that we are currently unaware of.

We know the shot makers make huge profits and will spend none of it on people who have been injured or killed.

Most employers don’t realize that while the drug companies have full and complete immunity for any experimental OR non-experimental(!) jab…

Employers do not have any immunity.

In other words, if your employer intimidates you into taking an experimental shot under penalty of losing your job (or if it is implied), then they are liable for any of the adverse effects you might suffer. While there are plenty of cases of people suffering problems from the jab already, no one knows what the effects will be in the months to come.

If you volunteer to be part of the clinical trial, any adverse effects are on you! I still wouldn’t do it even if it was compulsory. IMHO, it’s a death sentence albeit a slow, painful death. You may have a different perspective?

“But I want to travel again, so I might have to get it…”

After a nice international vacation or two, are you prepared for a one-way ticket to SFU – 6 feet under?

Or potentially, to be reduced to traveling in a wheelchair? I wish I was merely sensationalizing, but there are horrifying personal testimony videos from people who have experienced severe neurological damage after receiving ‘the jab’.

Just reading the form below is highly informative. We aren’t attorneys, so please do your own research (both medical and legal) and make an informed decision. It may take time and effort but there’s nothing more empowering!

Download the form to hand your employer here.

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