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There have been calls for armed protests in the 50 State Capitols. We are convinced these have been organized and called for by Antifa, BLM or others who are intent on creating an incident / violence in order to further their gun grabbing agenda. See this link from Gateway Pundit and this one. Also President Trump asked us to de-escalate the tensions. Please see his video below. Here is why we are calling for a hiatus:

  1. While we have had the privilege of having a number armed individuals at previous rallies who had a deterrent effect on anyone who might have considered an attack on us, we believe that calling for armed protests at this juncture is a recipe for disaster and will only work against us.
  2. By showing up in any numbers at State Capitols we allow leftists to hijack our protests for their evil purposes as you have seen with the Washington DC / Capitol invasion. BLM activists were not only the instigators but then became “witnesses” so they could spin their narrative.
  3. In this hot atmosphere, especially after Big Tech’s actions and the theft of our election, anyone who calls for an armed protest has an ulterior motive. There’s a time and place for everything and this is not it. Do not let emotion rule the day. Well considered action is far more effective.
  4. There is a myriad ways to protest. There will be more rallies and other opportunities to make our voices heard. We are suggesting that the best way to protest AND ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS is to shop maskless with several friends – do not do this in small businesses but any large business, especially those who have greatly benefited from the lockdowns at the expense of small businesses are fair game. (Why was it “safe” to go to a large national chain store but it isn’t safe to go to a small business? Why are small businesses not getting together and suing the Governor for these takings?)
  5. Other ways to protest: keep your Twitter and Facebook pages open and throw as much “sand in the works” as you can in other words: tell it like it is. Closing your accounts does them a favor – they don’t want dissenting voices. Force them to be the bad guys. Twitter and Facebook have already lost $51 Billion (yes with a B ! That’s 51000 million dollars in value since they shutdown President Trump’s account). By doing this you can force them to continue to be the masters of their own undoing. If they shut you down, then you win because in a small way they are continuing to reduce the value of their company. If they don’t shut you down, you win a battle for free speech and you get to say to a whole lot of people what you really think. It’s a win-win! Plus you can always shut your account down after you win! LOL.
  6. Open an account on GAB.com!
  7. Purchase an email account. When it’s free you are the product. You can’t get away from your current email overnight but you can start to use two and slowly, over the course of several months, move over. Google’s motto was at one point “Don’t be Evil” and that’s exactly what they are. No more gmail, no more free email! Email accounts only cost a $3 to $5 dollars per month. It’s a false savings to exchange all of your privacy for that pittance. If you can’t find a good solution, please contact us.
  8. Much more you can do: see this page (will be updated shortly)!
  9. Please contact us and let us now what you think. We would love to hear ideas, suggestions etc.

A Message from President Donald J. Trump

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