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We have a Constitution with a first Amendment – that reiterates our God-given right of free speech. The Party that conducted a coup against the American People (with “the largest voter fraud organization ever assembled” – Joe Biden) and stole the election would have us believe that they were successful. They were not. We see them for who they really are. They haven’t conspired to commit treason, they’ve actually committed treason. Therefore, NOT MY PRESIDENT when referring to Biden has not only an entirely different but a truly justified meaning.

We, the People of the United States of America, are the source of all power in this country. We are the Sovereigns. Nothing can be done without our consent. If we want to retain our liberty, going along to get along is no longer an option. Waiting and shutting up, will just further embolden the traitors.


In an earlier post we said that we couldn’t be mealy-mouthed and polite any longer. Free Speech is not reserved for one point of view or another. It belongs to everyone. A right not exercised is a right that is in peril of being lost. Speak up, (like this woman) let others know you don’t believe the garbage that the fakestream media and Big Tech want you to believe. That’s the only way to counter the false narrative that Biden was elected fairly. He wasn’t. See also here and on many other non-establishment sites on the internet.

Come January 9 at noon in front of the Carson City Capitol and exercise your inalienable God-given right of free speech.

See also Epoch Times Editorial: With Our Election System Under Assault, Americans Need to Speak Up.

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6 thoughts on “Free speech & why you should exercise your rights.”
  1. Our new Biden government is the ‘Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing’, we have seen this coming, and warned years ago. Bishop Sheen, spoke about it,
    Slowly and surely in our schools, collages, news, dumbing down our Country for Big, Global government.
    I call this Treason against our US America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Independents.

    1. You are correct. It’s subversion for the purpose of overthrow. Evil, communists, socialists, totalitarians have never succeeded but through deception.

  2. I totally agree ! I commend your site ! We truly must stand up for our God Given Rights and not become passive in any way!
    Free speech is important now more than ever!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your comments. We would like to specify, free speech is important. What’s more important is that we exercise our right to free speech. For too long, conservatives have been too polite. We do not need to force anything down anyone’s throats, however, we must unequivocally state our positions. It is NOT our responsibility to get those with opposing viewpoints to accept what we say but we MUST say it. On Youtube there’s a video of a woman who is DONE with masks and went to a store without one and just told them how she felt about it and refused to put one on. That’s one way of exercising your right to free speech. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSPM7-GKBk8
      Look for more articles about free speech on this site in the coming days.
      Thank you for reaching out to us!

  3. What we’re seeing right now is the total suppression of free speech by the mainstream media and big tech companies, specifically Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Amazon. They have eliminated President Trump’s ability to use Twitter to communicate with the American people. Think about that for a moment. They have SHUT DOWN the ability of the President of the United States to communicate with the American people! Twitter has also banned Dan Bongino, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and many other conservatives from posting opinions on their platform. YouTube has taken down many conservative videos. Google and Amazon have shut down Parler because it was a free speech platform. So far, MeWe and Rumble have not been suppressed. However, it’s only a question of time until they are also viciously attacked for allowing conservative viewpoints and interactive communication to take place on their site. Facebook is monitoring everything for conservative content. This includes personal messages between individuals or groups on Messenger. This morning I posted a video that had been sent to me and forwarded it to a number of my friends. My daughter-in-law contacted me shortly thereafter and told me she was unable to open the video, which Facebook had blocked. Subsequently I messaged her with the name of the website she could go to to watch the video. Facebook would not allow me to respond to her message and “tagged” me saying that they would not allow me to send out content that was potentially dangerous. Really?? The name of a Christian website is potentially dangerous?? So folks, this is the beginning of the Great Reset. This is what Schumer meant when he said that if they won Georgia they could change the world. Unfortunately, the changes that will come if they are not stopped will not be the kind of changes that the American people will really want. It was only 14 months ago that our country was in the best shape economically that it had ever been in. Then China, who was hurting economically due to the Trump administration sanctions, unleashed The Virus. This led to the stolen election, which is leading to the complete control of your communications by the media and big tech with the potential for the total elimination of our First Amendment rights to free speech. Their next move will be to eliminate the Second Amendment, thus giving them unfettered control of the total population of our country. How soon folks forget about the Nazi juggernaut that was responsible for millions of deaths of people who were unable to defend themselves and their families against a tyrannical government. I weep for this country and the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedoms. These sacrifices mean nothing to the Democrats. Their agenda/goal is to enrich their selves and their families at the expense of destroying our Republic and eliminating our Rule of Law, our Constitution, and our freedoms. We need to stand and fight now or our children, grandchildren and generations to come will suffer the consequences of complacency. God Bless America!

    1. Thank you for your heartfelt comments. We agree with you. Please keep speaking up and please post more comments and/or let us what we can do better! Also, please get away from gmail. It won’t be an overnight solution but you really should consider paying for email service. One excellent option would be protonmail.com. We have no affiliation with them and this is not an endorsement so you should look at reviews – there are others too. Remember, when it’s free, you are the product!!! Again thanks for your comments!

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