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Any concerned Citizens and parents are encouraged to show on June 8, 2021 at or slightly before 7pm at Robert Crowell Board Room, Community Center, 851 E. William Street, Carson City, Nevada and:

  • voice their opposition to masks,
  • voice their opposition to giving an experimental (emergency use authorization / rushed to market) irreversible DNA modifying shot to kids when they have virtually zero risk of death from COVID-19
  • voice their opposition to indoctrinating children to become racist (a.k.a. Critical Race Theory a.k.a. Equity a.k.a. Equity of Outcome)

Click here to download the agenda.

Save Our Schools from fake equity!

According to Greatschools.org every school has an equity rating. The Equity Rating is designed to measure how well a school serves the academic development of disadvantaged student groups. The rating includes data on 1) how disadvantaged students are performing based on student progress (growth) or academic progress (growth proxy), college readiness (e.g., college entrance exam performance and high school graduation rates), and state proficiency tests, in comparison to the outcomes for all students in the state, and 2) performance gaps between disadvantaged students and non-disadvantaged students in a school. We define disadvantaged students as students from racial, ethnic, and/or socioeconomic groups that show persistent gaps across all schools and outcomes within the state. This allows us to understand how well the school is educating disadvantaged student groups compared to all students, and how these students are performing compared to non-disadvantaged students in each school. A low rating (1–4) may indicate some student groups are not getting the support they need at the school, while a high rating (7–10) may indicate that a school’s disadvantaged groups are doing well.

Equity is un-American and discriminates against children. Kids should get resources based on the needs of the child. Because Carson City Schools has not provided a “equity statement” we are left to use the definition from a nationally recognized nonprofit for clarity. Please attend the board meeting at the community center on June 8th at 7PM (Robert Crowell Board Room, Community Center, 851 E. William Street, Carson City, Nevada) if you want your community schools to offer resources to ALL children. Let’s get the district to be honest with its intentions. Our children deserve better from the district.

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Download the flyer of Save our Schools from Fake Equity

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