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Special thanks to Richard Nagel for this summary. If you’ve never called, emailed or testified before, please accept the challenge to email just one person on just one thing. Your momentum will build from there. Thank you!!

How do I contact Assembly / Senate?

Contact information of the Nevada State Senators (see email list at bottom of this post)

Contact information of the Nevada State Assembly (see email list at bottom of this post)

The deadline for new bills was last week. We are now dealing with all the bills exempt from the deadline.

SB6 ~ will be heard Tuesday, April 27th at 9am, before the Assembly Judiciary committee. This extends the holding time for red flag laws. Full text here.

NO on SB6

AB17 ~ Will be heard before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, April 27th at 1pm. This bill changes the release from probation rules. They are dropping the restitution clause, changing the honorable/dishonorable terms of release from probation as well. Full text here.

Waiting to hear from Jim Wheeler for recommendations on AB17              

AB197 ~ Will be heard on Tuesday, April 27th at 3:30pm, before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. This bill is a sex traffickers dream in covering up abuse. Removes the age provision for an abortion if you are homeless. Removes parental consent for medical treatment. Right now 80% of homelessness is from the foster care system. 1 out of 3 homeless children are sold into human trafficking Full text here.    

Strong NO on AB197 

SB237   Gives priority to the LBGQT community for business assistance. Discrimination is putting one group ahead of another.  Full text here.  

NO on SB237

AB286  ~ Prohibits a person from making a homemade firearm. This has no grandfather clause so it makes criminals out of thousands of Nevadans who may happen to own a home made firearm. Full text here.

Call to amend with grandfather clause or just plain NO on AB286

AB231 ~ Asks for a panel to look into instruction on Genocide in our schools. It makes no mention of the Genocide committed by China of the Uyghur’s and other minorities right now. Full text here.

No on AB231 – too easily manipulated by the ‘WOKE”

AB376 ~ A lot of the bad parts previously in this bill have been removed. What has been added in is a whole lot of money for legal defense of illegal aliens. Full text here.

NO on AB376

AB115 ~ Is a bill about adoption and creates multiple parents. This is another example of WOKE culture bills that removes terms like mother and father and replaces them with ‘parent’. We need to push back against renaming everything in the name of political correctness. Full text here.          

NO on AB115

SB102 ~ This a good bill that allows children to develop another year before entering school. It allows a 4-year-old to develop one more year before entering school at 5 years. Full text here.

YES on SB102

AB399 ~ Is about mandating cage free chickens and defines what a cage free environment is. It increases the floor space a chicken has from one square foot to 1.5 square feet. It also mandates free roaming space and dust bathing as well as roosting space. This looks like a good bill as it provides for more humane conditions for chickens. Full text here.

YES on AB399

AJR3 ~ Would set aside in a bank, 30% of land and water in Nevada. We could not use it or go on it. The federal government owns 87% of the land in Nevada under Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Currently all the water in Nevada has water rights attached to it, so who is going to give up their land and water for this bill? AJR3 doesn’t say who, so it looks like it might be you. Full text here.


AB351 ~ This is another assisted suicide bill. It opens the door for life saving treatment to be denied by insurance companies or the government due to cost and give a suicide pill instead. AB351 does not contain enough safeguards or enough money to provide effective oversight. Full text here.

NO on AB351

AB424 ~ Bail reform. Requiring a max hold time of 24 hours for anyone arrested to go either before a judge or be released. This puts an unfair burden on the rural counties as a judge would have to be on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week. Full text here.

NO on AB424


Democratic Senate:

Republican Senate:

Democratic Assembly:

Republican Assembly:


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By Dawn

2 thoughts on “Legislative Update Week of April 26th”
  1. Hi, Dawn, It is Sally. Thank you for this list. It sure will help with writing letters.
    How do I find a list of committees for both state houses?
    We had a fun time up at Costco today. Lots of support from people exiting and coming in..
    Three Russian people came over and joined us holding signs. They were glad we were there and most likely will come on the 22nd.
    Have a blessed weekend and the weather was wonderful today, not too hot.
    Sincerely, Sally

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