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Special thanks to Richard Nagel for this summary. If you’ve never called, emailed or testified before, please accept the challenge to email just one person on just one thing. Your momentum will build from there. Thank you!!

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[Also see email list & link to committees at bottom of this post.]

The good news is that Friday, May 14th, is the deadline for all bills without an exemption. For those of you that have written or called, these are some of the bills that you helped to kill: SB2, SB10, SB11, SB73, SB102 SB105, SB134, SB300, SB301,  AB99, AB255, AB365, AB324, AB285, AB293. This is GREAT WORK, you really made a difference and Nevada a better place!

SB62 ~ This is a cancel culture bill. Its sole purpose is to expose those who donate to political causes. No non-profit is exempt. If you donate to pro-life organizations or the NRA they will know and cancel culture will come after you. Full text here.

NO on SB62 – GOP calls this a MUST DEFEAT bill!!

SJR11 ~ This bill is asking Congress to ratify the UN treaty. This bill gives the UN sovereignty over US law and forces pro-life countries to be pro-abortion. We already have laws protecting women’s rights. Companies need to be held accountable for their sexist behavior for unequal pay under existing laws. Full text here.

NO on SJR11             

SCR5  ~ Do not be fooled, this is a WOKE culture bill. It calls white racism a systemic problem to be dealt with as a national health crisis. This is a text book play right out of 1939 Germany.  Why go after the Jewish communities, when you can get them all as white racists? Full text here.    

Strong NO on SCR5 

AB148 ~ looks like it wants to ensure that the mining company can, and will do a proper cleanup after exploration is finished. This is already covered in the existing law. What it changes is that exploration permits can be refused for any reason. Full text here.  

NO on AB148

AB19 ~ will have a hearing on May 5 at 1pm before the Committee on Education. This bill removes instruction on government from the home school curriculum. It adds in programs that can be interpreted as critical race theory. Home school instructors were not consulted and are against AB19. Full text here.

NO on AB19

AB195 ~ have a hearing on May 5 at 1pm before the Committee on Education (AfterAB19). Sections 1-3 of this bill remove government from the list of subjects included within social studies and adds civics and financial literacy, and adds multicultural education to that list. Full text here.

NO on AB195

AB266 ~ is about reducing class size. Let’s face it Nevada is 49th in the nation on education. Nevada class sizes are on a par with national average. Reducing class size is not the answer, better teaching is. Full text here.

NO on AB266

AB146 ~ This is a water pollution bill with very vague language. The question is, if a farmer has run off from his crops with some fertilizer in that run off, would the fertilizer in the runoff be considered a pollutant? And if so, would that farmer be liable for the cleanup of the run off?  Maybe the same goes for washing your car. Dr. Robin Tutus is against it. Full text here. Sponsored by: [email protected].

NO on AB146

SB254 ~ Says that a landlord cannot refuse a tenant on the basis of a criminal background. It also prohibits discriminating against sexual offenders or other criminal offense. A landlord should be able to protect their investment against criminal activity or a neighborhood against sexual predatorsFull text here.

So much NO on SB254!!

AB207 ~ Limits Free Speech and Assembly on the Internet making private online discussion forums with more than 1,000 participants subject to the public accommodations laws. (Seriously… Costco, Whole Foods, et al. can’t be forced to act as public accommodations, but an online group can??) Full text here.

NO on AB207

AB422 ~ Gives control of the voter rolls to the Secretary of State. This bill is sponsored by the Secretary of State, so AB422 is kind of admitting that Barbara Cegavske had no control over the voter rolls. Most people are ambivalent on AB422, but election integrity needs to start with a unifying source and that source should be the Secretary of State’s office. Full text here.

YES on AB422

SB420 ~ is a 40-page monster of a bill dealing with health care. It sets up an insurance system to compete with Obamacare and provides free health care to illegal aliens. We do not need to expand government or health care in Nevada. Full text here.

NO on SB420

CONTACT LIST – Committees

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