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Here is Tom Woods speech about Lockdowns and Masks – highly recommend you take 20 min to watch this. You’ll be happy you did. (12/3/2020 – Youtube censored the video because what Tom says in the video doesn’t fit the official narrative and it empowers you to make decisions for yourself – you can view the Covid Cult video on TomWoods.com you can download the audio version of the video here.)

Tom Woods also wrote an excellent e-book entitled “Your Facebook Friends were Wrong about the Lockdown” – you can download it from this page: http://www.wrongaboutlockdown.com/

The video below WAS at https://youtu.be/mcm8Sc8f66o before it was censored.

Censored Courtesy of YouTube

The video below is a satire and does an excellent job of highlighting how the whole mask/lockdown works.

Satire is an amusing way of portraying reality. This video clearly depicts at least some of the reasoning for the lockdowns – it’s not what you think.

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