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If we want an end to the lockdowns and mask mandates whether or not our “tyrant-in-charge” deigns to grant us liberty, then we’re going to have to take matters into our own hands.

We The People decide when this ends. When we are ready, we simply stand up and claim our sovereignty without compromise.

And just like that, the Berlin wall crumbled.

From initial conversations with business owners around town, I surmise that the threat of OSHA fines is, at best, only half the battle.

Most business owners are afraid to scare off patrons who, bereft of common sense, are still writhing in the clutches of Covid Cult programming, authentically concerned when masks are not enforced. (If, by chance, you fall into this category, I encourage you to review the research I continue to assemble here.)

The threat of OSHA citation has been neutralized by Joey Gilbert for those who will educate themselves and take advantage of his help.

If we approach with “you-are-being-unconstitutional-and-robbing-me-of-my-rights”, we risk showing up as just another strong-arm force for our local entrepreneurs to navigate, catching them in an impossible squeeze. I don’t mind that tactic with the larger corporate chains, but I think it seems a bit harsh for our small business owners.

And… compassion for our local owners must be balanced with wisdom, truth and integrity if we are going to free ourselves sooner than later.

All successful relationships come down to two things:

1. Direct Nurturing: “I love you, I want to support you”

2. Clear Boundaries: “I cannot, in good conscience, perpetuate lies and compromise my intellect by wearing a mask”

For an eye-popping illustration of how dangerous it is to wear a mask when you don’t believe in them “just to get along”, “be polite” or “not make waves”, please check out this video. What it reveals about human behavior will stun you.

Just for kicks and giggles, think about how far you’d be willing to go. If you’re willing to dumb yourself down and violate your inner knowing by wearing a mask for “just a few seconds” to get something you want, what if they asked you to do the Hokey Pokey? Would you still do it? What if they asked you to salute and say ‘Heil Hitler’, what then?

Business owners have to focus on their bottom line:
  1. Reduce money out: Avoid paying OSHA fines (Joey Gilbert has this covered)
  2. Increase money in: Don’t alienate potential customers. The issues around ‘potential customers’ fall into two categories:

Lockdown restrictions keeping occupancy to 25% of capacity =

Government’s Fault

Fear of losing CCC (Covid Cult Customers) =


Ignoring lockdown restrictions could ostensibly double business:
  • Operating at 25% now
  • Could open up to 100% by freewill choice
  • But lose the CCC (Covid Cult Customers)… 50%?
  • Even so, now you’re running at 50% capacity instead of 25%

But there’s uncertainty for owners and that’s OUR FAULT. Is it 50-50? 25-75? 75-25?? 

If we don’t believe in masks but wear one just to avoid conflict and discomfort, we distort & dilute the market, obscuring the true buying power that the #FreedomEconomy represents to local businesses.

If all of the people who don’t believe in masks would stop wearing them, and that amounted to 75% of a business’ patronage, then it would be a no-brainer to stop complying with illegitimate mandates. It would be safe to risk alienating 25% of the CCC to cater to the 75% #FreedomEconomy… that’s a nice triple from the current 25%.

Instead of focusing on measures that pound our local business owners over the head, let’s seduce them from the heart with love, with money, with rabid support of every kind.

Please consider giving the postcard below to all the businesses you love and want to support. It might seem like tough love, but it’s the quickest way for us all to break the COVID chains together. Click here to download the printable postcard.

If you are interested in participating in a #FreedomEconomy flash mob, let us know. The idea is to routinely and/or randomly show up at a ‘Mask Optional’ business en masse, letting the business know that we are there because of their stand for freedom, and take group photos. 

If we get enough people to show up, and the photos are compelling, then we prove that the #FreedomEconomy represents significant buying power and our offer of free advertising will be seen as valuable. 



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By Dawn

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