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If you are like me, you have been told by businesses that you MUST wear a mask. There’s no reason to consent. For one, the Governor or any of his/her agencies have no right to ask businesses to enforce anything and forcing you to wear a mask is a violation of your constitutional rights. The CULT OF THE MASK is doing everything they can to destroy our country and the masks, social distancing and lockdowns are their tool of choice never mind that it also brings in a totalitarian system. If you don’t fight back by refusing to comply to their unreasonable demands you too are complicit in bringing about this totalitarianism and I suggest you read Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s famous words here.

The packet of information that you can download below is designed to help small businesses and people like you and me. If you take the time to read a few of the relevant sections, you will also understand your rights and you will have the complete picture as to why you have rights and why the business owner does too. Finally, you’ll see that instead of the customer being pitted against the business owner, the customer and the business owner are really under attack by leftist bullies who hate productive and independent people. Now is the time to act! Please print out a few of these packets and give them to your favorite small business!

Attached is a packet of information (single-sided PDF) and (PDF for double-sided printing) that was in part originally posted by the Constitutional Law Group which has been repackaged and made easier to read / access and is contained in ONE file that’s easy to print and distribute. This packet informs small businesses and people about their rights and how to fight back against the unconstitutional actions of State and local Governments. The bulk of the work to make it easier to distribute and understand was performed by DEFEND NEVADA. The packet applies to all states (the section regarding Nevada Law can be easily researched & replaced) so please be sure to use it regardless of which state you are in.

When you’ve distributed a few of these packets, we’d love it if you would post a comment below stating your experience, successes, any suggestions for improvement etc.

Thanks for your help!

Download the Business Packet (for Citizens too) – Use for Single-sided Printing

Download the Business Packet (for Citizens too) – Use for Double-sided Printing

Download the Citizens Rule Book (same link as below)

Here is also the Citizens Rule Book on PDF for everyone. We hand out the physical copy of the book to many people. But now you can have this very important tool on your phone – the Citizen’s Rule Book should be given to each business as well. With all of the corrupt and unconstitutional laws on the books, as well as the ones coming down the line from the State Legislatures, you can learn how to nullify unconstitutional laws with your most powerful tool, the vote you possess as an American, the vote you have as a juror.

See also End to Masks & Lockdowns – March 1, 2021

Thank you to the CONTITUTIONAL LAW GROUP and to DEFEND NEVADA for their great work!

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