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To all parents, grandparents, and family members (and anyone else) who care about the future of Carson City children:

Come to the Carson City City School Board Meeting on

Tuesday May 11th at 7:00pm at the Carson City Community Center

and tell them:


The Carson City School Board is making our children sick!

The enclosed links from Americas Front Line Doctors provide all medical information and step by step instructions of what people can do to get rid of the insane masking of their children, grandchildren, etc and let them end their school year and enter summer being free of these terribly harmful restrictions on their bodies and young lives. We need everyone to share these flyers. There are over 65,000 residents in Carson City with thousands of these families with school age children. It should not be hard to get several hundred people together to deliver this serious message in person to the Board members.

If as many people as possible could send the CC school board the two links in the attachment before Tuesday’s meeting, it would send a clear message before the meeting that the mask issue on children needs to go away. Thank you for your help!

Download FLYER here

More Info: www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org


Americas Front Line Doctors, Founder Dr. Simone Gold

Medical information link explaining the harm being done to our children


This is the definitive action link that concerned parents, family members, etc. may take for getting things
back to the ‘real normal’.


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