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This woman is a hero. If you haven’t seen it, this woman makes a great presentation and doesn’t back down when they try to silence her.  She uses their attempts to shut her down to amplify her message.  We can learn from this.

In our opinion, the only way to fight this effectively is pull our kids out of the schools that are pushing this communist indoctrination. And no, not to change schools but to homeschool. There are plenty of resources available and ways to do this even if you work. We will be posting more resources on this soon.

Why homeschool? Because then you know without the shadow of a doubt what your kids are being taught. And because pulling kids out of school is the schools’ worst nightmare. Their funding will drop. It’s the only thing that will get their attention. A threat of pulling your kids out of school is not good enough. We must be ready to follow through.

Resources on homeschooling will be posted soon. In the meantime enjoy, learn and cheer for this woman!

Spread the love

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