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Once or twice every week we publish links to news articles that are relevant to Liberty. We are including comments on some of the articles on this page – those comments are preceded by NOTE.

Destroying America

Time magazine: Shadow ‘cabal’ secured Joe Biden’s victory

NOTE: If you have watched and paid attention, it was far more than influence. There was massive election fraud but I’m sure that the Time article which is discussed in the WND article (link below) was required so that the fraud might not look so obvious. In the end, the election was such a landslide in President Trump’s favor that it didn’t matter what they did – it is obvious to anyone who pays any attention.

Nevada Bill Would Bring Back the ‘Company Town’ With a Big Tech, Big Brother Twist

NOTE: Make no mistake about it, whether it’s Usurper Biden’s so-called executive orders to shutdown oil exploration and production in the USA or this new Nevada bill discussed below, the pretext may be the environment but the true intent, just like the lockdowns, is to create world-wide poverty and enrich the mega rich to create a divide that cannot be overcome thereby solidifying their hold on the world.

In addition, there are two constitutional amendments making their way through the Nevada Legislature, AJR1 and SJR1. AJR1 and SJR1 change the Constitution which caps the net proceeds tax on mines at 5% to a gross proceeds tax of 7.75%. This effectively increases the tax by 382% taking the effective tax rate on mineals from 4.9% to 24%. This puts 37,000 jobs in Nevada at risk. We will be publishing a longer article about this shortly. But remember, the goal is to shut everything down. More on that too very soon.


The GOP Needs a Miracle to Win Elections in 2022 and 2024. Here It Is.


Here Come the ‘Climate Lockdowns’



Election / Coup

IMPORTANT: Unmasked – Have we uncovered the truth on 2020 election fraud…

NOTE: The VIDEO in the CITIZEN FREE PRESS webpage “Unmasked – Have we uncovered the truth on the 2020 election fraud…” below should be watched in conjunction with Mike Lindell’s video. Expect the video to be removed from Youtube so watch it soon. If we can find this video elsewhere, we’ll update this page before or when it happens.


Tuberville on Biden: ‘Didn’t Campaign,’ ‘Stayed in His Basement, Got 80 Million Votes’ — Vows to ‘Fight the Heck Out of Them’


January 6 / Impeachment / War on Conservatives

Deep State

Fighting Back

Wuhan Virus / Masks / Lockdowns

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