2 People stand in front of Carson City Capitol on 11/23/2020 in support of STOP THE STEAL
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You have other things to do? We all do. Let’s put this in perspective with the two people in the picture above. I spoke to them and they came all the way from Las Vegas to spend a week in Carson City to protest in front of the Capitol. Sure, they are probably retired so it would be unreasonable to expect everyone to spend the same amount of time showing their dedication to the cause but if they can do it for a whole week plus travel, we surely can spend a few hours of our time to defend our Liberty.

On November 28, 2020 at noon in front of the Capitol we once again showed our support for Fair Voting, Stop the Steal, and protest ridiculous lockdowns. Around 1:30pm several hundred people walked to the Governor’s mansion. To read more about the lockdowns and masks and how ineffective they are, please see this page.

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4 thoughts on “Nov 28 – Carson City – True the Vote / Stop the Steal / Lockdown Protest Rally”
  1. Looking forward to gathering with like minded Nevada Patriots on Saturday 28 November 2020 at Noon at the Capitol complex in Carson City. To have our voting system injected with mass fraud due to the distribution of unsolicited mail in ballots and now more First Amendment intrusion into our formerly free lives here in Nevada, Let’s all get out and voice our free speech rights. It is mass numbers of protestors which will wake up our State dictatorship and voice our un-acceptance of this illegal and immoral behavior by our blue marxist government in Nevada.

    1. Sadly, it appears we will have to go to the Supreme Court with this Integrity Issue in our election (: Democrats have infiltrated their Cancer into our Judicial System as well 🙁

      1. Yes, you are correct. Statistics show that Nevada is the second most corrupt state of the Union after Louisiana. There should therefore be no surprise at anything that comes out of the Nevada Judiciary. The solution is for go good people to get involved rather than let corrupt, bad people run our local, state and federal governments. Are you willing to commit to doing something to help turn the tide? None of us can do much but each one of us can do something small that cumulatively make a huge difference. If not me, then who?

  2. I am at the state capitol rally with the STOP THE STEAL!!! signs to hand out.
    We need to desperately send a message to our beloved President Trump that the majority of Nevadans are 100% behind him. Let’s send him the very best Christmas message ever by us each reaching out to 20 or more of our friends to join us this Saturday, December 12th at the capitol at 12 noon to wish President Trump a very Merry Christmas. I’m contacting at least 20 of my friends to take part. Let’s really reach out to our Reno, Gardnerville, Dayton and Fallon friends and tell them to bring their. Let send the message that the President needs to see 10,000 of us patriots come together for him for all that he has done and continues to do for us and our country. Please help spread the word. I will bring more STOP THE STEAL!!! signs to share. Let’s get this done. Thank you and may God bless all Americans and our beloved country ‘under God’, the USA.

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