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Miguel Escobar, a physician’s assistant, makes presentation to Edingurg, TX School Board about the fallacies of the COVID narrative. Here are some of the points he makes:

  1. Most of information he is presenting is being censored.
  2. Numbers are vastly inflated. If a hospital patient dies of a heart attack but they test the patient and the patient is found to test positive of COVID, the death certificate will say the patient died of COVID
  3. CDC stopped counting COVID cases & deaths in va*xinated individuals in May 2021 (allows the narrative to blame the unva*xcinated for any COVID outbreaks).*
  4. CDC told labs to stop using the PCR test because the test can’t differentiate between COVID and the flu.
  5. Many studies that show that neither hand washing nor mask wearing prevents anyone from catching COVID.
  6. Human mouth is dirtier and has more bacteria than human anus – why would you rebreathe your own breath by wearing a mask?
  7. He knows more people who have died from the va*xine than those who died from COVID.
  8. School Boards are not medical boards, their only duty is to eductate children.
  9. Over 45,000 have died from experimental gene therapy aka va*xines.
  10. 5 fold increase in children suicides in 2020.
  11. COVID is not a problem – just look at homeless encampments, they are on top of one another, they aren’t sick.
  12. Only way to fight COVID is to eat healthy and be healthy.
  13. HUG THY NEIGHBOR and build your immunity.

* Note: CDC is a private

Alternative link to video: https://odysee.com/@NewsClipArchive:d/covid19-unfiltered-truth-about-wuhan-china-coronavirus-2021-08-05:3

If you don’t believe the excellent speech by Miguel Escobar above, listen to Dr. Dan Stock who Testifies at Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting. He covers slightly different topics but what he testifies to corroborates the fact that the va*xines don’t do what we are told and they will never get rid of the virus.

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