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You will see how arrogant and nasty this school board is to people who attempt to voice their opposition to Critical Race Theory / Equity.

This video is important because he cites the Supreme Court … listen for it. He shuts up the Attorney on the Board who is so nasty (see the first video). It’s also important because he does NOT back down like the other speakers. He doesn’t let himself be intimidated and keeps right on talking over the offending “Benito Mussolini”.

Watch this first video until 2 min 38 seconds in. Then continue watching on the second video where he, Simon Campbell, a former board member rips into the board. Watch the entirety of what he has to say by watching the second video – it’s truncated in the first video.

1st Video

Watch from 0:00 to 2:38 then watch 2nd video below

2nd Video

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