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The Evil Plan for the future of Humanity
by SandwichMan

I found the video below that summarizes the most pressing ISSUE that America, the World and Humanity faces. In my opinion, if we fail to focus our efforts on ANYTHING, but the ISSUE presented by Claire Edwards, then we face a certain DEMISE. That ISSUE in a nut shell is the attempt at the CONTROL of the World’s Population by this Technocracy, through the use of the COVID pandemic, COVID Vaccinations and future dystopia brought through more Pandemics.

Our hope is that everyone will come to UNDERSTAND what we are facing. This is our fight! Fighting the small fish ‘issues” in small ponds will only secure YOUR DEMISE! There are NO ELECTIONS, NO SOVEREIGNTY, NO FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY unless You FIGHT Against the real ENEMY: the fake COVID pandemic, the COVID Vaccinations and future dystopia related to more Pandemics.

This is a fight for the minds and the control of the Masses. One that we must win. We must adopt a strategy that INCLUDES our political counterparts, not one that is designed to isolate and fight against them. We should prioritize the COVID hoax / plandemic as the Primary Threat to Freedom for Humanity; it’s a MISSION that unburdens Americans from the Psychological Mind Control of hoax of COVID Pandemic.

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