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They say History repeats itself. If you know a little bit of History you would probably notice some similarities between these two groups I will mention later. One exists in the present day, the other existed around 1921.

The present day group has no uniforms but a Rank structure. The earlier group had a uniform brown shirts and pants, and a Rank structure.

Both present and earlier groups were/ was used to riot, burn, beat up and kill citizens to create unrest and fear, also to sway the opposition/elections, thus leading to compliance of the “sheeple.”

The unrest for now is centered in/around the Swing/Democratic states. We have witnessed Mobs circling and intimidating people at restaurants. These riots if left unchecked, could spiral out to the 54 States and Territories.

Hopefully this does not happen and Law and Order will return soon.

Some present day Politicians and Activists (Definition: I’m unemployed and got no skills) use Terms like

  1. Re-imagine Policing, Public Safety and defund the Police.
  2. Statement like “We cannot continue to rely on our Military to obtain National Security objectives, We need to have a Civilian Security Force just as powerful, well-funded and as strong.”

The present group is being pushed to become the Authority on the streets. Some of the sections are already fighting against each other.

Both groups, then and now are just the “Useful Idiots” and they are not smart enough to know this. They were and will be discarded once the Objective is met. Hopefully that doesn’t happen in this great country.

The present day group, we know as BLM/ANTIFA. The past group was known as The SA Brownshirts under Hitler.

Lions and wolves lose no sleep worrying about the intentions of goats and sheep.

Editor’s note: Like me, you knew something wasn’t quite right with Defund the Police. It doesn’t make sense because only half of their goal is shown (defund). The other part is hidden. Their goal is to replace the Police with BLM / Antifa “Brownshirts”. They want the Brownshirts to attack the decent people in this country and intimidate them into obedience in voting and so many other political objectives. In other words, Defund the Police is another way of saying “bring in the Brownshirts” but that wouldn’t work would it? It’s a big deception.

Send this to everyone you know. Look to history for what is to come but remember the future isn’t written if we act now and stop the past from repeating itself by alerting everyone to it.

Resources – learn more about the Brownshirts and how they influenced the course of history in Nazi Germany:


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By Chris L

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