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President Trump talked about the invisible enemy in the context of the Wuhan Virus but this does not tell us about the real enemy. So what is the real enemy? Let’s start with an example. People say things to the effect “I would do this but because of COVID, I can’t”. That’s an absolute lie. That’s a belief in the limitations uttered by governors who usurped powers that don’t belong to them. Because we are ignorant of our individual and collective power, we blindly go along with their imagined authority.

First, we must remember that the Wuhan Virus has a survival rate of 99.95% or better for anyone under the age of 70. Therefore, the Wuhan Virus is not the problem. And the problem isn’t the petty tyrants like Gruesome Newsom, Sissy Sucksalot, Crazy Nancy, No Humor Shumer and so many other socialists / communists / establishment fascists who, under the pretext of a conjured up crisis, move to get you to believe that they can take your inalienable rights away in order to influence the outcome of an election, and impose a property-free (slave) system called the AWFUL RESET1 (slaves, by definition cannot own property since they themselves ARE property).

Those petty tyrants are the ones we are supposed to point to but the real war is the one for our minds. If you accept that you have lost your rights and you must stay in your home-jail because of an imaginary crisis, if you believe you can be coerced in wearing a face-diaper / muzzle, if you believe you must have an experimental vaccine (that doesn’t prevent transmission of the disease), if you believe you have no right to speak up when you see injustice or an election being stolen, if you shut up because they call you terrorists when you are not, you believe you are a victim, if you tremble in fear for the risk of getting a bad flu, then you have lost everything that our ancestors have fought so hard to regain and preserve: our LIBERTY. If that’s how you are going to live your life while saying that you want Liberty, then you are living a contradiction. It doesn’t work. The Bible says that you shall know someone according to their actions. What do your actions say about you? What changes will we make to our thoughts and our actions?

They are INALIENABLE rights.
What part of inalienable do we not understand?


If we want Liberty we must live as a free people. Unconstitutional acts must be ignored, attempted violations of our unalienable rights ignored and remembered. The people the world over have these inalienable rights even if they weren’t enumerated in their constitutions. Those who would rule over us have no power other than what we agree to do. You don’t need to agree to anything to preserve your/our liberty. It’s so easy. Withhold your consent. It’s completely peaceful. Put it another way: No means no!

The invisible enemy is a deception about who really won the election. It’s a deception about a flu that’s not much different from many we have had in the past. That deception is the invisible enemy – it is evil. And that invisible enemy is helped by our willingness to forget that we have unalienable rights, our willingness to give in to fear, our willingness to blame the petty tyrants who would have us forget about how powerful we are and our willingness to forget that in order to achieve their goals, the would-be tyrants need our consent. The invisible enemy, the real virus is these false thoughts that have been infecting our minds. And if we agree to remember how powerful we are individually and collectively, if we agree to act in accordance with that power, we can make this world a better place for everyone. These beliefs in our inherent power and knowing where our Rights come from ARE the real vaccine, the real anti-virus.

We, the People of the United States of America and every human on this planet, are the source of all power in this country and in the world. We are the Sovereigns. Nothing can be done without our consent. If we want to retain or regain our liberty, going along to get along is no longer an option. Waiting and shutting up, will just further empower and embolden the tyrants and traitors. We choose Liberty.

Free Speech and why you should exercise your rights – freenfair.us

Now that I can see that evil deception, with clarity and purpose, I choose Liberty.

Your God is the one you fear.
I have but One True God.
What about you?


P.S. While these words may be encouraging, it’s often harder to make a change than we expect. Habits can be hard to break. We must change how we think. That takes special attention to our thoughts and actions. It will take much courage to reclaim our liberty and courage is like a muscle, it must be exercised especially if it hasn’t been used in this way for a long time. Regaining our liberty and regaining our courage doesn’t happen all at once. We can start with small things (like not wearing a mask) and continually push ourselves for more. After we take the necessary steps and exercise our courage, we will realize that not only was it not as difficult as we thought it might be but that in the process we also gave others the courage to do as we do.

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1 The Awful Reset is our way of expressing the communist inspired name “Great Reset” which is but a very poor attempt at marketing a horrible idea. See China’s “Great Leap Forward” which was nothing but a enormous leap backward.


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