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Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Front Line Doctors does an excellent job explaining the history of the virus, the risk factors of not having a vaccine and then the risks of the experimental vaccine. There is a big risk to National Security – this is a MUST SEE / HEAR video (it’s not necessary to watch this, just listening is fine!

Once you’ve seen this video you will:

  1. Understand the fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people (and on the world).
  2. Understand the risks of death if you were to contract the Wuhan Virus
  3. Understand the risks of the vaccine, and;
  4. Understand why you should sign the petition (mentioned below)

See video link in the paragraph below (please contact us if this video is not viewable):

Dr. Simone Gold – America’s Front Line Doctors | The Truth about the Wuhan Virus

Once you’ve seen Dr. Gold’s presentation (video – link above) you will want to know more about this side-effect where people die when exposed to the virus after receiving the vaccine. This page explains how and why this happens.

There’s also a petition to sign to STOP MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION – in other words to stop corporations from requiring you to have a vaccine in order to do business with them!

Download : America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19

Go to this site to read more about the Petition: https://stopmedicaldiscrimination.org/

More resources & links: links page

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