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Americans have a constitutional right to voice their support of classic American values. The same constitution protects the speech of those opposed to American democracy and ideals.  Freedom of speech ensures a war of words which is one of the battlefronts in the struggle for American hearts and minds. For too long, those who hate the United States have been winning the war of words. They control the classrooms where students hear lectures; they control the bulk of the media who edit the words we hear; and they shape most American entertainment before movies, books, and music reach the public.

The Democrat Party and their allies are very good at using words. You seldom hear them claim to support the Constitution and the rights we as Americans take for granted. Instead, they never speak against them knowing that people just assume that the Democrat Party supports and protects this country’s rights. The Democrat leadership uses most of their words to attack their opponents. For example, most of the people who stand outside the Democrat Party and its policies are “in a basket of smelly deplorables who cling to their guns and Bibles.” Or that the Republican Party is home to this nation’s white supremacists and totalitarians. Liberals are very good at painting word pictures. Those who love freedom and good government have not reached the same level and expertise. 

I will use the word “socialist” as an example. Many opposed to Democrats label them as socialists, which is true as the Democrat Party has been taken over by socialists. However, for many Americans the word socialist is mild. They think of European governments with their softer forms of socialism. In contrast to mild words, Democrats point fingers and shout strong, harsh words that call Republicans and their allies “fascist”. Fascist paints a picture of severe, authoritarian, concentration-camp, top-down insecure life as a slave to the state. Their word picture overshadows and defeats anyone using the word socialist.  If the American way of life is to continue, those who love this country and its freedoms have to enter the war of words using tactics and strategies that win.

To continue using the play between socialist and fascist as an example, Republicans and related policy makers have to start labeling the Democrat Party leadership as the true fascist element in American politics. Admittedly, not all Democrats are fascist; however, the leadership has the characteristics of fascism. Where the leaders lead the party goes. Some may think calling the liberal left fascist is overreacting, but they do fit within the mold of fascism as show by a short list of similarities: 

  1. Fascism & Socialism: Fascism and its Nazi and communist brothers all come from the socialist family. All are political movements that trace their roots back to Marx. They fight may among each other, but the internecine squabbles should not surprise us as they are competing to attract members that have similar beliefs and to rise to the top of power struggles. 
  2. Fascism & Violence: Fascism uses violence as a stepping stone to power.  Italian Fascists used their Black Shirts. The German Nazis used their Brown Shirts. The French fascists have Blue Shirts. Today’s Democrat leadership appears tied to groups that do not wear colored shirts, but they can be just a violent. Consider the close ties between Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and Democrat politicians
  3. Fascism & Religion: Elements of the Democrat party are anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. History records fascist Germany and Italy sent millions of Jews to their death. Nazi leaders were known to be anti-Christian and sympathetic to pantheistic religion. 
  4. Fascism & Freedom of Speech: Fascism does not allow opposing speech. It silences those that raise a voice questioning government policy. Democrat administrations have used the power of militant allies to deny freedom of speech. It has also used government agencies to silence groups that differ with stated policies, such as the Internal Revenue Service denying conservative groups tax-exempt status. 
  5. Fascism & Scapegoats: Fascist groups have to have someone to blame for society’s problems. The Nazis blamed the Jews. The Italian Fascists blamed Europe’s wealthier countries. In American, the political left blames white privilege and male toxicity. 
  6. Fascism & Murder: Fascism allowed for the elimination of what it considers unnecessary people. Fascist Germany created committees that oversaw the euthanization of cripples and the mentally ill. In addition, concentration camps murdered millions of Jews, unwanted minorities, political prisoners, and troublesome Christians. American progressives defend and encourage abortion and assisted suicide, people they consider unnecessary. 
  7. Fascism and the Cult of Science: Fascism is anti-democratic. Democrats are fond of saying public policy should be determined by science. Science is a form of thinking restricted to “what is” and not “what should be.” In some ways, it is a perfect way to hide behind a screen to implement policy outside a democratic process. 
  8. Fascism & Democracy as a means to an end: Adolph Hitler said that democracy’s has value only as a means to power. It appears that the liberal elements of American society are sympathetic.

The above eight characteristics of fascism fit the majority of today’s Democrat Party leadership and its allies.  The same characteristics fit communism; and some claim that the American liberals have gone communist. Communism such as Leninism, Maoism, etc. is distinguished from their socialist brothers of fascism by government ownership of the means of production. Fascism is smart enough to realize that government bureaucrats as a whole do not have the skills to run business. As a result, fascism allows private ownership but controls production through tax policy and regulation. To date, the Democrat leadership has not indicated a strong support for government ownership of the means of production. Their form of Socialism is more akin to fascism, and that is the word that should be used to identify the Democrat Party. It has gone fascist. In other words, they are not “progressive liberals”. That’s a fallacy. They are more accurately “regressive fascists”. Regressive because they put the interests of the few ahead of everyone else’s interests, fascists, well, because they are!

Those who fight to keep America true to its ideals must harden their rhetoric using words and speech that is hard, descriptive, and truthful. The use of the word “fascism” should not stand outside the conservative’s vocabulary. Another example of using strong words to counter Democrat talking points is slavery. Lovers of liberty should also remind people that the Democrat Party was and remains the party of slavery.  Even today, it wants to turn all but its own leaders and their families into serfs for the state. 

If fascist elements hide in any part of the American political system, it is in the Democrat Party’s cadre of progressive liberals, more accurately, regressive fascists. Even if they do not see themselves as fascists, they, at a minimum, are laying the foundation for a totalitarian society.  One tool that effectively allows them to hide their true nature is their cunning use of words. Those who love American ideals and principles cannot afford to forfeit the battlefield of words*. They must correctly label elements in the Democrat Party as the fascists they are.

* Misuse of words, can also be found with the word “vaccine”. “Vaccine” does not by any stretch of the imagination describe the experimental gene therapy that is the COVID-19 jab. “Experimental Gene Therapy” is the correct description for what they are trying to impose on everyone.

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