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For want of reflection My people will perish; For you have rejected all thought from yourselves.”

— Hosea 4:6 – The Bible in Modern English (Ferrar Fenton – simultaneously translated from Aramaic, Latin & Greek.)

1. The Awakening Process

The awakening we are experiencing comes about because we have awakened to lies widely disseminated by and for the benefit of the few. Often times, others awaken us by alerting us to facts that we hadn’t considered. There’s nothing wrong with this but a true awakening comes when we remember to observe and reflect upon that which we observed.

We have many people awakening but some will also say that it’s the beginning of the Apocalypse. One of the definitions of Apocalypse is “a prophetic disclosure or revelation”. I have to assume that it fits with the other definitions of Apocalypse. These other definitions include “any revelation or prophecy” and more importantly “any universal or widespread destruction or disaster.” Would it be that when long-standing lies finally emerge from the darkness it leads to widespread upheaval? When people change their views for any reason but particularly because they discovered the Truth, the world will inevitably change. We make decisions based on what we believe it true. When that changes, our decisions change; the status quo is destroyed. Those in power risk losing what power they think they have.

2. Major areas of awakening

Thus far, we haven’t seen major losses by those in power. To the contrary. But, as we all know, the situation can change rapidly., That being said, there are a number of major areas of awakening:

a. Elections:

We have witnessed how bad / corrupt actors are stealing elections and we are coming to understand that these or other people have been meddling in our elections for far longer than we want to admit to ourselves.

b. Money

We have come to understand how what passes for “money” is nothing but a scam to defraud the masses of their wealth through inflation or outright “legalized” theft by creating “money” out of thin air and more (see the what legalized theft is in this excellent and short book: “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat).

c. Digital Money

We see how digital money, if we accept it, is destined to be a personal prison for each one of us. We are seeing the corruption at every level of government and how public perception is shaped by the fake news.

d. Climate engineering

We look up and we see how governments are manipulating the climate and poisoning our planet. These governments are poisoning our planet with weather modification technology a.k.a. geoengineering a.k.a. chemtrails. They then blame us for polluting the atmosphere with the very products that mass marketing and big business force us to use and stick us with the bill when in fact they and their attempts to play God is the real cause.

e. The Media and Big Industry

We can also see that the media is doing the bidding of powerful interests and that they deceived us as to the nature of COVID and the so-called benefits of the jab.

f. Overall

Therefore, from all of the above, we can conclude that those in government and other positions of so-called authority don’t have our best interests at heart. To those of us who are paying attention, observing and reflecting, we can clearly see what’s going on. We are realizing that the King has no clothes! Indeed, they deceived us.

But there’s more, much more! Why should we suspect this? Because it’s a universal truth that we don’t know what we don’t know. Therefore, we should at least suspect that there is more and inquire accordingly.

It’s a universal truth that we don’t know what we don’t know.

3. The Problem:

Since we were very young we have been taught to accept certain things as truth without ever having questioned these assumed facts. Why did we simply accept these facts? Because our parents, teachers and others directly or subliminally taught us certain things. They did so before we had a chance to develop critical thinking skills so we unquestioningly accepted what they told us. It is also because people / organizations/ evil-doers miseducated generations of people. We trusted our parents, schools, television etc. Because of this, we automatically reject a new idea that contradicts that very deep programming. We must be aware of that automatic reaction.

4. The Solution:

The only way we can reach Truth is to observe our reactions and rather than reject what we are exposed to and inquire further with curiosity. After all, if you hear about something new it doesn’t automatically imply that you are accepting it as truth.

Put it another way: we know that we don’t know the truth on many subjects. With our observation skills and a refusal to accept merely on trust that something is a certain way, we can discover the lies and thereby discover truth or the path to truth. We must use our observation skills and reflect upon our observations.

For want of reflection My people will perish; For you have rejected all thought from yourselves.”

– Hosea 4:6 – The Bible in Modern English
(Ferrar Fenton – simultaneously translated from Aramaic, Latin & Greek)

5. An Excercise / Example:

a. Water is Level?

Here’s an exercise, something to reflect upon, a contradiction that is worthy of your attention. If you have a instant revulsion to this topic, may I suggest that you are reacting to subliminal programming that doesn’t want to allow you to examine this question. Take a deep breath, and just move forward, read, reflect.

What is this question? If, as we know, water always finds its level, how can our world possibly be round? Let’s examine this: We know this through our own observations that everywhere there is water, it’s level.

b. Water Level Review

The water on a mountain will drop until it finds a level (puddle, pond, lake or sea / ocean). On the surface of our world, water exposed to the sky cannot go lower than the sea or ocean. Water in an enclosed container like a glass or tub is also level. We can also observe that lakes are level and so are the seas and oceans – it’s “sea level” for a reason!

We even use a tool called a “level” which has water in it to let us know that what we build is straight and level. Measurements to confirm what we already know, that water is level, have been made. This has been done across twenty plus miles of water. The standard for a world that is 25,000 miles in diameter is that there is a drop of eight inches per mile squared. In other words, you should be able to measure an eight inch drop a mile away from your initial point of measurement. Laser measurements confirm that water is perfectly level. (See video below – you can reproduce their measurements / tests on your own with a little effort).

c. Question?

The key question is: is it true that in our world water is always level? If so, how can our world be round if all the water in our world is level / flat?

In the video below you will see scientists take measurements to confirm through radio waves, lasers and other measuring tools that water is level even over great distances. (We are only interested in the observations that are reported in this video – anything that is not directly related to the water is not relevant to this article – the authors of the video have their own conclusions which you may or may not agree with.)

6. Closing Suggestions:

Please give this due consideration and keep asking questions, pitting your own observations against the programming from youth and the daily programming of the world and the media. Revisit your assumptions!

This is an exercise in discernment and will, if nothing else, help you sharpen your critical thinking skills. These will come in handy on a number of other subjects too because you not only have to examine the question in a dispassionate and logical manner. You have to this exercise while overcoming early childhood programming. I hope you will find it as worthy an exercise as I did. I hope you will find this whole experience very rewarding. Finally, I hope it will be an exercise that will allow you to discern other lies and therefore eventually truth.

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