Against Arbitrary Covid Edicts
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Our next rally is in support of Freedom, liberty and COMMON SENSE on Saturday, 21 November 2020, starting at the Capitol Complex. We will meet at noon and march to the Governors Mansion in protest of lockdown 2.0

Outside Resources:

Here’s a video about how political and unscientific the unconstitutional state-wide house arrest and mask-shaming orders from the self-appointed Dictator of Nevada are:

(12/3/2020 – Youtube removed the link because what Tom says in the video doesn’t fit the official narrative that empowers you to make decisions for yourself – you can view the Covid Cult video on you can download the audio version of the video here.)

Here’s a humorous video about masks:

And here’s an satire on the Virus and Lockdowns:

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3 thoughts on “Nov. 21 – Upcoming March against Lockdown 2.0”
  1. I think you should address the fact that the Democrats are willing to bring into the country low skilled labor which in my mind is slave labor. Who then are the racist?? This also will raise the taxes to low and middle class Americans with added health insurance, which is to be free for all.

  2. Kathleen,

    I totally agree, President Trump addressed the security of our country with the Wall and added immigration restraints. Dems will allow our country to be flooded with Dem votes by constantly giving free stuff to all , printing money and robbing money from us to give to their new voters through immigration.

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