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From Devvy:

There’s some mighty rumbling going on right now in the states.  It appears AZ could be the crack that opens the flood gates but only if we act.  

Email their entire legislature.   Just click on the two links below.  Copy and paste the email addresses which go to each member separately.

AZ House eMailshttps://pastebin.com/raw/QxKGWtnB

AZ Senate eMailshttps://pastebin.com/raw/2RrZPk5u

I just sent my email to both chambers.  

Subject line of email:  Stop the steal.  Certify the vote for the lawful winner:  Donald J. Trump

Template message (you can compose your own):

You cannot allow this crime to continue.

Stand firm with the truth because if this isn’t stopped we will never have another fair and impartial election, president, Congress and state houses.

Uphold your oath. *End*

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Drops a Bomb on The War Room – Says Arizona Lawmakers will Likely Vote Wednesday to Certify President Trump as Winner – Dec. 22nd

News spread like wildfire yesterday that Arizona lawmakers would make the attempt to declare Trump the winner today, but Giuliani said Arizona lawmakers did not have the votes today to make that happen. Giuliani said he’s hopeful Arizona lawmakers will be able to close the deal before Christmas.

“Rudy Giuliani: Arizona was going to similarly pass a joint session to certify Trump. But then they didn’t have the votes but they are going to come back tomorrow.” 

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