4 thoughts on “URGENT: Call your Representative & tell them you oppose the impechment and 25th Amdmt of President Trump”
  1. Probably not on specific topic but I must say that after listening to an interview on public TV with Judy woodruff and adam kitzinger that this guy is delusional. He, like most week kneed RINOS believe that hot one iota of election fraud was never exposed. Well any one in their right mind recognizes the corrupt judicial system never allowed evidence to be exposed that proved fraud existed. Kitzinger hides behind the conspiracy narrative refusing to address the facts that were exposed in affidavits, videos and other displays of questionable activities. Kitzinger’s support of impeaching Trump on more bogus claims of in-sighting violence in the capitol qualifies him as a recall representative of Illinois voters. Kitzinger May deny realities of voter fraud and Trump in-sighting violence but that is by no means a measure of reality. You’re full of shit kitzinger and hope Illinois recognizes what incompetence you bring to your office and relieves you of your job next time your smug little as runs for offline.

    1. You are correct. We must do everything we can to vote all these nutcases out of office but more importantly we must nominate and elect people with integrity to political positions ASAP. That goes for our Nevada representatives too! If you act contrary to your pledge or against your own party you will face the consequences by loosing in the next election or by being recalled!

    1. Are you referring to us? Unfortunately because of the large amount of spam that would besiege our site, we are forced to review all comments before publishing them. No one would read comments if we just left it open as 90% of it would be junk. Thank you for your and your previous comment (which was published).

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