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Would you believe that Electronic Voting Systems are designed to help the Leftist, Communist Democrat Party cheat at all levels to steal elections?  Do you realize that the Dominion Voting System is used in 37 States in the United States of America?  Do you understand that it only took 6 Counties in the US to take America down, to change it forever? Do you know the names of the 6 counties that are part of this political COUP? They are: Clark County, Nevada, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maricopa, Arizona, Fulton County, Georgia, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and, Antrim County, Michigan are the six counties that have enough corrupted individuals who helped steal our election. 

To fully understand how we have gotten to where we are today, read the attached article which explains in chronological order the path we took to arrive to this extreme voter and election fraud.  The article starts in 1998 with Castro, Chavez and the Smartmatic Voting Systems to the 2020 election and confirms that we were lied to by the Government and the Media.  Reading this will enlighten you and then sharing this knowledge is your weapon.  As Reagan said” Freedom is only one generation from extinction” and we all need to understand that we are it!!!  Everyone needs to be involved. The future of Liberty is in the balance. Please read and share!   Click here to view & download the PDF of this excellent research paper by Susan Ruch.

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By Susan

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