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Yes, voting makes it harder for bad actors to cheat. Why? Let’s for a moment imagine that 100% of the people vote, they can’t cheat and get away with it because in order to cheat they would have to introduce more votes to overcome the existing votes. When they do that then the total number of votes will vastly exceed the number of voters. In other words, if you don’t vote you leave your vote available for them to use to cheat. THIS is why it is so important for them that a large segment of the population doesn’t vote. It’s even more important for them that people who hold conservative values not vote because those are votes they need to flip.  

And what’s the cost to you? Virtually nothing. A little time? Surely, you can afford a half-hour to an hour once every two years?
Sun Tzu said that the clever General wins wars by convincing his opponents that it’s pointless to fight. It’s never pointless. Real Americans stand for Liberty and with so much riding on this election, it would be criminal not to vote. As such, we have a duty to not only vote but to convince everyone else to vote as well. Remember, the more people vote, the less votes are available for cheating, let’s go for 100%!!!

What you can do: vote, give people rides to votes, make sure everyone you know votes, talk to strangers, forward this article to others, volunteer to be a precinct captain, volunteer to be an election observer and more.

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