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WCSD Office – 425 East 9th St. Reno
In an attempt to silence parents, WCSD has removed Initial Public Comments from Tuesday’s agenda
Make your own sign!  Make an extra sign or two and we’ll try to have extras.  Bring a chair, we’ll have cold water.

Below the line is the email I sent on 6/18/2021

For clarification and additional information about the protest…

Superintendent Kristen McNeil never publicly spoke about the riots and looting of last summer, but on January 6th she shared her political beliefs with all parents in the District via email and voice mail.

Sometime after that (the District won’t say when) these instructions on how teachers can teach Critical Race Theory were posted on the school district website for all to see.  About a week ago the public was denied access to the document from the District’s site, the error message is: “Access Denied – Sorry, this page is inactive or protected.”  The District won’t say if teachers still can access the document.  A couple WCSD teachers have told us they already teach Critical Race Theory, and other teachers have told us they oppose teaching CRT.

Trustee Jeff Church asked to attend the two day Equity and Diversity training most District employees must take, Superintendent McNeil said, noClick here to go directly to Jeff’s public comment about this.  Since the District has effectively gagged Mr. Church he has to speak on items not on the agenda during public comments.

In addition, WCSD wants to adopt Board Policy 4500 – District Speech (see paragraph 10) which would allow Superintendent McNeil and the board to define what  banners, flags, and bulletin boards teachers post in their classrooms – District Speech.  President Angie Taylor and Superintendent McNeil’s goal is to allow teachers to show support for BLM and LGTBQ; but at the same time prohibit things like pro-life, and blue lives matter.

Both Ms. McNeil and Ms. Taylor also wants to adopt Benchmark Advance Social Justice (CRT) Curriculum to be taught in kindergarten through 5th grade English class.  Since there was so much pushback it has not been adopted, yet.  Instead, Ms. McNeil will hand pick a task force, so we already know the outcome. 
Parents will never see the data, information, or school work students share electronically with Benchmark Advance.  If Benchmark, or someone they share student data with, classifies a child as a racist, parents will never know.  Nor will we know if, how, and when, that may come back to haunt our children.  This is the kind of thing Protect Nevada Children has been talking about for years.  If you are on Facebook please join our private page.

Superintendent McNeil and President Angie Taylor have decided they want to silence those all of us who not agree with them; therefore, the agenda item Initial Public Comments for general items not on the agenda, has been removed.  Typically this agenda item comes up between 2:10 and 2:30 PM. 
Their goal is to hope we get discourage don’t show up to future meetings.  Now more than ever we need to be there! 
Legally they had to keep the Closing Public Comments for general items not on the agenda.  I’ve seen this agenda item happen as early as 4:30 PM and as late as 1 AM the next morning, so that’s when we’d be able to speak on an item not on the agenda.  I’ve been intimately involved with this board for 12 years this is the first time I’ve seen them take Initial Public Comments off the agenda.

If the District was attempting to push a far right political ideology on students I would oppose that too, likely with different allies. 

The District’s job is to educate not indoctrinate, especially when it comes to controversial political issues that are in direct conflict with what many parents teach their children at home!  The issues mentioned above have divided our teachers, parents, board, and community, and I blame it on Ms. McNeil and Ms. Taylor.  I wish the board would spend as much time trying to improve education as they do on discussing allowing or not allowing McNeil and Taylor to push their political ideology on 64,000 students.     

There are very important board meetings every Tuesday in July the first three (6th, 13th, and 20th) tentatively start at 9 AM, and the meeting on the 27th starts at 2 PM.  At these meetings the two replacement board members will be discussed and chosen, the Social Justice task force will be discussed and possibly chosen.  Of course President Taylor and Superintendent McNeil will do everything they can to get two board members who will support their political position, and they will be very careful with the words they use!

For those who offered to help pay for radio ads, THANK YOU!  We’ve learned we do not have enough time to collect money, get a good ad together, and get it on the air in time for Tuesday’s meeting.  Hold your funds, we now know the price for local radio ads.  We will come back to this idea and collect money and run ads before a future meeting, please stand-by. 

Please forward part or all of this email to anyone concerned about the future of our children and this country.

I hope to see at least 150 people and the media on Tuesday at 2 PM!



Our efforts are having an impact so the District has decided they no longer want to hear from parents, grandparents and community members.  As far as we know this attempt to silence us will be indefinite; at least until they pick the new board members, pick the Social Justice (CRT) task force, and vote on BP 4500 (which will allow teachers to show support for BLM and LGTBQ, but not show support for things like pro-life, and blue lives matter).

I’ve been intimately involved with WCSD and the board for about 12 years. This is the first time I’ve seen the board take Initial Public Comments off the agenda.

If you can contribute to radio ads over the weekend to get more people at our protest please contact me for details.

I hope to see you Tuesday.

Please forward this email to parents, grandparents, concerned citizens, any media contacts you have, and anyone who may donate for radio ads.


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