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President Trump is Requesting Snail Mail Letters From Registered Legal Voters to be Sent to the White House Demanding a full Audit of the election all 50 states – Audit the “Election”.

Send your letter to :

President Donald J Trump
c/o: The White House:
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, District of Criminals
USA, DC 20500-3228

  • He is asking all of us to send him hard-copy letters as evidence that we the people are demanding an audit. Please do this tomorrow.
  • Have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room.
  • The above info was reported on Newsmax this evening. President Trump has been censored by Twitter Facebook and electronic mail.
  • Forward this to friends and family. Pass this on to all Trump supporters!

This aired on 11.11.2020.
It’s a few minutes of your time and only the price of a stamp!

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