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There are millions who know that there was significant fraud in the 2020 election month. We want an investigation. We want a stop put to this slow-motion coup against the Constitution and the People of the United States of America. This is not about Donald Trump or anyone else. It’s about free and fair elections – which this was NOT.

Big media, big tech made sure that it wasn’t free – they are manipulating what people can know (hiding things that should be known and promoting others). To read more about what a free and fair election looks like and how an international election observer sees the US 2020 election – click here!

A forensic investigation on Dominion voting machines in Michigan found that there were significant issues with the machines that point to intentional programmed election tampering. See The Epoch Times article here.

After the decision of the Supreme Court last week refusing to hear the lawsuit brought by Texas against the four swing states where so many irregularities and fraud took place, I believe that one of the few avenues left for us is to sign the Petition to declare that an insurrection exists to overthrow the will of we the people and to utilize military tribunals.

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One thought on “What you can do: Sign the Petition to declare that an insurrection exists”
  1. Mr. President, Please take our country back! Do what is necessary, if this is our second revolution, then so be be it!. God Bless You!

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