2 – What you can do

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  1.  Disseminate this EVERYWHERE – remember the petition you read in step 1 – What you can do!
  2.  Promote EVERYONE to deluge them with EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS
  3.  Have citizens bring up LOCKDOWNS AND ELECTION FRAUD 
  4.  Promote an Election Forensic Audit of the Election Vote, Decertification for legislative appointments of Republican Electoral College Delegates 
  5.  Remove the Unconstitutional Executive Branch COVID RESTRICTIONS 

State of Nevada Senators and Assembly Person Call and Contact List


If your District Senator is not listed, reference this webpage:

(D) Nicole Cannizzaro, Majority Leader
[email protected]

(R) Scott Hammond, CO-Minority Whip
775-684-1442 / 702-523-9055
[email protected]

(R) Joseph Hardy Asst. Minority Leader
775-684-1462 / 702-581-3066
[email protected]

(R) Ben Kieckhefer D-16
775-684-1450 / 775-223-9618 
[email protected]

(R) Heidi Seevers-Gansert Co-Minority Whip
[email protected]

(R) James Settelmeyr
775-684-1470 775-450-1614
[email protected]


If your District Assembly Person is not listed reference this webpage:

(D) Teresa Benitez-Thompson 
775-684-8845 / 775-247-7765
[email protected]

(R) Gregory Hafen Asst Minority Whip
775-727-1629 / 775-684-8805
[email protected]

(R) Lisa Krasner Asst Minority Whip
775-684-8848 / 775-420-8411
[email protected]

(R) Glen Leavitt Minority Whip
775-684-8530 / 702-738-2128
[email protected]

(D) Daniele Monroe-Moreno Asst Majority Floor Leader
775-684-8509 702-816-7922
[email protected]

(R) Phillip P.K. O’Niell AD-40
[email protected]

(R) Tom Robert’s CO-Deputy Minority Floor Leader
775-684-8853 / 702-429-2880
[email protected]

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