Why the time to fight back is now

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Make no mistake about it, whether it’s the Presidential election or so-called mandates issued by the Usurper in the Governor’s mansion – this winter is about preventing totalitarians (otherwise known as Democrats) from taking over our country and foisting their orders and misery on all of us.

The old conservative push-overs are gone. We won’t put up with these shenanigans, frauds, usurpations and more. It’s time! It is time because every day that passes makes it harder to push back.

When it comes to the so-called pandemic, in the beginning, we were told that in a few months lockdowns would all be over. Then, when the lockdowns ended in April, we were told that we had to masks for a little while (AFTER the worst of the flu had passed). We were out of the woods, right? Of course not. This is only the beginning of the road toward total control.

Now we are also told, more lockdowns (the Governor calls it PAUSE instead for P.R. reasons, don’t be fooled). After more lockdowns are going to be vaccines that are voluntary. But to make sure that they are voluntary, you will see large corporations refusing to serve you if you don’t have it – the Australian Airline Qantas has already stated that they won’t allow anyone without the vaccine to fly on their airplanes.

You voluntarily stayed at home because you acted in good faith that this was a pandemic, then you put on the masks because you were told they are an effective means of prevention – they are not, quite to the contrary except that they may be a good placebo. But none of it makes sense. The “cases” are going up. So what? We all get the flu at one point or another. The deaths are what we are concerned about. Those statistics have been flat.

We have effective solutions to this bad flu. Many doctors have been silenced because they have proven and verifiable track record treating this bad flu with that cheap anti-malaria drug called Hydroxychloroquin, zinc and another drug. But those in government and the pharmaceutical industry don’t want you to know this. Oh, no. They want you to believe that you should take the vaccine that was created in record time and has all sorts of side-effects.

Lockdowns, masks and coming soon, unproven vaccines for what is at best a bad flu. Yes! I said it. Bad flu. For most people that’s all it is. Any flu in the past was deadly to people who were already weak. This is no different. In a true pandemic you would know dozens of people who had died from the virus. How many people do you know have died? In fact, how many people do you know have had the flu? Not any more than have had the flu in the previous years.

All the people whom I know have had the flu were “religious” mask wearers. That’s not surprising, masks cause your immune system to weaken – you are constantly fighting all the bacteria that should be expelled from your body but aren’t because of the mask. There’s a dark agenda here to make the problem worse. I’ve spoken to others who noticed that in their circle of friends / acquaintances, the same thing is happening.

Then, with a collectivist, socialist, communist, totalitarians – pick the preferred noun – in power, they will not only take our country from a first world country to a third world country, your rights, your property, your life be damned! After all, it worked so well in Venezuela, why not here? It’s all for the greater good – yeah, right! Collectivists, leftists, socialists, communists totalitarians are all the same, the individual has no rights, it’s all about the collective, at the expense of the individual. If that means resorting to murder, then they happily engage in it. 100,000,000 – yes! that’s more than one hundred million people were murdered during the 20th century by all manner of collectivists because they can’t abide anyone standing up to them.

Then we have the election. It doesn’t matter what the people want. These elitists know better – at least that’s what their actions say. They will do anything as is plainly clear from the brazen frauds they’ve engaged in all over the country. Make no mistake, it’s a coup attempt. So far it has been bloodless but it’s a coup attempt nevertheless. While it may be a coup against President Donald Trump, what it really is a coup against the American people. The American people are the masters in their own country but there is no clearer indication that it is a coup because the will of the people is being stolen from them with all this fraud. Just like the response to so-called pandemic where they are taking all of your liberties away from you, the theft of the election is even worse. They are forcibly trying to take all of your God-given rights away from you.

Every day that goes by is critical. We cannot further delay. We must do everything we can to fight against this tyranny or else we will one day soon awaken as slaves in a country where we were born free.

It’s time to fight back. Click here for a list of first steps.

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