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Yenomi Park is a North Korean defector / refugee. She tells the harrowing story of her life in North Korea and how the government maintains control, the mechanisms they use, the psychology and the sheer horror of it. She warns us that it’s coming to a city near you in the not too distant future if we don’t all actively fight back against those who would subjugate us and turn us into slaves.

Whenever America has been in dire straits it’s the first generation immigrants who have blown the whistle and reminded people what’s important. Please pay attention to what she says! If we let this happen to America, it will not only affect us but it will affect multiple generations from now on.

Below you will find three links: the original Jordan Peterson interview of Park, a follow-up interview with Navy Seal Sean Ryan, and an inspirational video from President Trump. Do not be turned off by the length of the Peterson interview. You don’t need to watch, just listen. You can also walk away and finish it later. Trust us when we say it’s well worth your time.

Please make sure to share this page with everyone as everyone should know especially those who think that Communism is just fine.

(To expand the size of the video to the full screen, click on the image for the video in question and then click on the white square that appears as an overlay at the bottom right hand side of the video.)

Download only the audio track from the above ESCAPING NORTH KOREA video. If you download the audio track to your phone / other device, you can listen to it offline.

IF you notice that any of the videos on this page are missing or have been removed by Youtube, please let us know! Thanks.

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